Lost Hillfigures Tour

This tour is a linear tour which can be started at either end, it includes the sights of eight lost figures and the sites of 16 current figures.

Tour time (allow 4-5 hours)

Inkpen Horse NGR SU 360 601
Pewsey Horse and Pewsey New Horse NGR SU 165 580
Rockley Horse NGR SU 1525 7325
Tan Hill Donkey NGR SU 085 646 and Alton Barnes Horse NGR SU 107 637
Devizes Horse NGR SU 000 647 and Devizes New Horse NGR SU 016641
Westbury Horse and Westbury New Horse NGR ST 89845160
Fovant Down Military Badges NGR SU 0162 2831
Laverstock Panda NGR SU 169 320



Map reproduced by grateful permission of Microsoft


Depart from the Inkpen Horse Site, follow small roads west towards Shalbourne and the A338, take this south to Burbage and then the B3087 to Pewsey, take a minor road at the back of the village to the current horse, the old horse is below and to the left of this horse. Go back to Pewsey and take the A345 north to Marlborough and then take the A436 north, at the edge of Marlborough a minor road (B4041) signed to Rockley to the left must be taken to Rockley. Backtrack to Marlborough and take the A4 west towards Avebury. Just after leaving Marlborough take a left turn to Preshute / Manton, at the T junction left goes to the Marlborough Horse and a right turn heads towards Lockeridge and Alton Barnes. The Alton Barnes horse is on the right. Continue into Alton Barnes, turn right to cannings cross. A foot path leads from here to Tan Hill, the site of the Tan Hill Donkey Continue on minor roads west to the A361. Take a right turn to Roundway shortly joining the A361. Follow minor roads turn right at the phone box and when the road forks go left to Olivers Camp for the lost horse or right to the new horse.. Return to the A361 and go into Devizes and take the A360 south, then after 5 miles take the B3098 to Westbury, the horse is signed and the old horse is under the new horse. Continue into Westbury and take the A350 south, continue on it into Warminster and onto Shaftsbury, here head east on the A30 for 7-8 miles, you pass the Sutton Mandeville Badges on your right and then to the Fovant Badges have a Layby to pull into from the A30. The current figures mask the lost ones. The Compton Chamberlayne badge is passed as you continue the Salisbury on the A30. Leave Salisbury on the A30 and just as you leave there is a roundabout which is signed Laverstock, the remains of the panda can be seen on the left.