Pewsey White Horse

General Information

National Grid Ref SU 170 580 (approx)

This horse was below and to the left of the new Pewsey horse, on the nearest part of Pewsey hill to Pewsey village, right of the Green Drove, which leads to the Shepherds steps. The horse is now completely lost, no trace could be found on any of my visits.


This horse was cut in 1785 by Robert Pile, of Manor farm, Alton Barnes, who was responsible for the Alton Barnes horse some 27 years later. It is said that the horse was last scoured in 1789 because the landowner objected to the festivities associated with this act. There is a local story that the horse once bore a rider although this cannot be substantiated by any of the authorities at any time. A discernable horse was last seen in 1937 by George Marples when it measured 43 long, the height was impossible to measure due to the loss of the legs. Traces of the horse were seen in 1940 and occasionally in dry weather since.

The 1937 Sketch

Pewsey White Horse