Mark Hows - 2017 Wildlife Blog

Welcome to my wildlife blog - I will chronicle my exploits looking for wildlife in the UK and post links to trip reports from further afield. I have plenty of target species this year from Whitebeams to Ladybirds and plenty of things in between and tracking these down will keep me busy. I will be doing plenty of mammal watching and there will be some twitching in the mix as well which should keep me out of trouble - hopefully! and all this will be fuelled by lots of Chips and Ice Cream.


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Sunday 31st - Italian Imposter?

Italian Sparrow

With little about I headed to Devon, the possible Italian Sparrow showed off and on for the couple of hours I was there, I was alone I assume all other interested birders had already seen it. Torrential rain started so I headed back to the car coming across a dipper on the way. I headed to Exmouth for chips and then headed home.
Krispies - Exmouth - Cheese bites, mushy pea fritter and battered chips 9/10

Friday 29th - Popped for the Penduline

Penduline Tit

I was in Birmingham today but popped down to Gloucestershire to see the penduline tit in what was incredibly blustery conditions I had to hold the tripod to prevent it blowing over and after about 30 mins in the freezing wind the penduline showed. A little distant and low down in the reeds due to the conditions. Fully frozen I spent about 90 mins on site watching it off and on before heading home.

Coue's Arctic Redpoll

Saturday 23rd - Mid Winter Moth Trapping

Winter Moth

With the mild weather I put the moth trap out, a small catch of a winter moth, a dark chestnut and a 7 spot ladybird.

Tuesday 19th - Suffolk Snowball

Coue's Arctic Redpoll

I took the afternoon off work and before the dreaded Christmas shopping I popped to Hazelwood Common where the Coue's Arctic Redpoll was showing as I arrived. The light was poor but it showed quite well but I struggled for photos. I had to swap back to my old D7000 as the D500 is back with Nikon and it is not as good in the poor light. I popped to Dingle marshes but no sign of the Great white egrets but a couple of grey seals in the sea before I braved the shops.

Debenham Fish and Chips, Debenham - just chips - 8/10.



Thursday 30th - Brecklands Beastly Crossbills

Parrot Crossbill

I did a pre work visit to Santon Downham on a cold but bright morning, the Parrot crossbills were showing nicely in the trees before coming down to drink in a puddle. I had my fill and headed to work after a nice couple of hours.

Sunday 26th - Larking about in Staines


I popped over to Staines mid morning for the American Horned Lark which was a little distant on a rather uninspiring site. I headed home lunchtime popping in at the bittern watchpoint for half an hour, a brief bittern sighting a water rail and a couple of muntjac but not much else and I headed home.

Sunday 19th - Looking for Ladybirds

Eyed Ladybird

Andrew Jewel and I headed off for a day looking for ladybirds, we found more than we expected but non of the cryptic species hoped for. Final tally was 2 Cream spotted, 14 7 spot, 7 Orange ladybirds, 1 larch and 1 eyed

Saturday 18th - Savage Seals

Grey Seal Grey Seal

The trip to Lincolnshire was largely uneventful apart from a weasel in North Somercotes, but it was larger mammals I was after and there were loads at Donna Nook. Over 1000 grey seal pups so far and there were plenty for the public to coo over, I was after something more savage, battling bulls and I got some close action of several bulls fighting. As the crowd built up I headed off and ended up at Covenham reservoir. I wandered round to find the long staying red necked phalarope which was at the furthest point from the car. It was showing very nicely in rather windy conditions. I had other plans for the rest of the day.

Harry's Fish and Chips, Scunthorpe - Spam Fritter, Mushy Peas and Chips - 8/10

Fuerteventura - November 2017

Tuesday 7th - Trapping in the Dry

Common Shrew

I continued my trapping at work in much better weather that on Saturday and a juch better catch rate and a few different species to Saturday. tally was 17 wood mice, 4 common shrews and 4 field voles.

Saturday 4th - Trapping in the Rain


In rather rainy morning Ben joined me for some small mammal trapping at work, conditions were poor but we did catch a few things a Pygmy shrew, a harvest mouse and a few wood mice. We adjorned to Lackford lakes to shelter from the rain but we saw little a few snipe a marsh tit and a bank vole of note. So we tried for long eared owls at Deeping Lakes, it was tricky but we located one sheltering from the poor weather and we called it a day.



Sunday 26th - Cornish Cracker

White Rumped Sandpiper

Apart from a few unarmed stick insects including one red individual we saw little on Friday or Saturday. Sunday however we spent a good part of the day birdwatching. First stop was a tiny pool at St Gothian Sands nature reserve where an incredibly confiding white rumped sandpiper was present. After a pasty we headed to the Hayle Estuary for high tide, 2 spoonbill of note but not much else. We eventually found ourselves in St Ives for some chips and some friendly turnstones helped us eat them.

Harbour Fish and Chips, St Ives - Pea Fritter and Chips - 8/10

Thursday 26th - Mice and Moths

House Mouse

A trap in the garage did not hold the predicted yellow necked mouse but instead it was a house mouse. The moth trap had a few nice species yellow line quaker, brick, sprawler, scarce bordered straw and merveille du jour

Saturday 21st - Leisler's Bats

Leisler's Bat

I joined a couple of other from the Cambridgeshire bat group in Southey Woods in the North of the County. We have 50 bat boxes to check in the blustery conditions, so we worked quickly finding two Leisler's bats in one of the first boxes. Apart from that we only had soprano pipistrelles in a few boxes although one tree could not be checkes as Hornets had taken up residence in one of the boxes. In one of the last boxes we has 13 sporano pipistrelles one male and 12 females - nice, and by early afternoon I was home sheltering from the storm.

Thursday 16th - Dorset Dipping


I joined the group of birders at a small quarry in deepest Dorset, the dreary weather limited the numbers to about a dozen or so hardy souls. The two barred greenish warbler was nowhere to be seen. The ranks sweled to 50 or so but the weather nor the bird rewarded their commitment. Firecrests the pick of the commoner birds present and by early afternoon I headed off as the numbers of birders thinned out. After some fried potatoe therapy I headed to Middlebere where the stilt sandpiper showed very briefly. I headed to Arne RSPB in poor weather I found a few sika before the rain made me retreat for the car and home.

Fishy Plaice, Swanage - Mushy pea fritter and chips 7/10

Monday 16th - Moth Nightish

Merveille du Jour

I have not run the moth trap for a while and the nice warm weather tempted me into running it overnight not quite on moth night but close enough. I got quite a nice selection angle shades, black rustic, deep brown dart, feathered thorn, mallow, green brindled crescent, large wainscott, red green carpet, silver y, whitepoint, november moth and a couple of Merveille du Jour.

Thursday 12th - Feeding Frenzy

Feeder Feeder

A couple of months ago Haiths sent me a new fat ball feeder out of the blue. It was good timing as I had broken mine during routine cleaning earlier in the year. However summer was not the best time to road test it, so I waited until now. It is a Hammered Steel Fat Ball Feeder which hold 3 fat balls.

You can purchase it from here -

It seems a sturdy construction but lets see how it keeps my garden squirrels at bay befor passing judgement, but it is a welcome addition to my feeding station.

Sunday 9th - Batty in Box

Greater Horseshoe Bat

I headed to a rather misty Dartmoor but still managed to find a few ponies. I spent the rest of the day doing touristy stuff until early evening when I joined up with the Wiltshire bat group in Box for some trapping. Not as busy as in my previous visits but a steady stream of bats were caught just over 100 at our station. greater horseshoe bats being the most impressive of the 7 species we caught, and a good night ended about 2am and I was home in time for a shower before heading off to work.

Saturday 8th - Waxing Lyrical in Scilly

Cedar Waxwing

A rather wet Scillonian crossing produced a few manx shearwaters and a harbour porpoise it was a bit choppy but I managed to keep breakfast down. We arrived at St Mary's and were quickly off to St Agnes. A short walk to the far side of the island where the cedar waxwing was not showing. Conditions were poor but the cedar waxwing showed occasionally deep in a bush with very limited viewing. I got a few glimpses and a record photo but time was moving on and the boat back was imminent and I started walking back. When the cedar waxwing finally gave itself up and showed well for a couple of mins. The Scillonian was a little calmer on the way back in the rain and we did spot a pomarine skua and baleric shearwater.

Sanders, Hayle - Battered sausage, pea fritter and chips 7/10

Saturday 1st - Essex Redneck

Red Necked Grebe

In rather overcast and drizzly conditions I popped into Roding Valley Meadows to see the juvenille red necked grebe which showed quite well despite the conditions.



Saturday 30th - Southampton, Sunderland and the Snoozing Scops.

Devils Fingers Scops Owl

I was in the New Forest at dawn, plenty of fallow deer about, first stop was for a weird and wonderful fungi the devil's fingers, I quickly found half a dozen. Then I got the news that the bat trapping which I was down that way for had been cancelled due to the weather. I checked the news services looking for any local stuff to see, but with the Scops owl being reported again that was the stand out bird and I decided to about turn and head to Sunderland. And it was worth the trip as the scops owl was showing very nicely roosting in a small elder tree. The dene below held a few migrants rather elusive barred and yellow browed warblers and a showy spotted flycatcher. I headed home stopping in Middlesbrough for a local chip shop delicacy a Parmo, this beast comes complete with a hospital voucher for a heart bypass but it fuelled me for the trip home after a long day.

G's Golden Chippy, Middlesborough - Parmo and Chips 8.5/10

Thursday 28th - Lovely Landguard

Red Throated Pipit

I popped over to Landguard after work and had a nice look at the red throated pipit my second ever UK one and this was a much better view than the last. It showed well in good conditions for a while until some locals out walking flushed it and I headed for home.

Sunday 24th - Nipping to Northants

Southern Oak Bush Cricket

I popped over to Northants for a couple of hours, I visited two sites, the first an arable setting where French Bartsia a rather scarce plant was still just in flower and then in a more urban site, southern oak bush cricket was found along with rhyzobius chrysomeloides.

Saturday 23rd - Double Dip

Yellow Necked Mouse

I revisited Burnham Overy dunes for another go at the Pallas grasshopper warbler, but despite spending the whole day there was no sign of it. A whinchat the best thing on offer. Although a visit from the Police livened things up a bit, they visited to see a broken fence which was apparently done on another day so lecturing us was not really warranted. Also there was no real evidence for it being broken by birders and indeed other parts of the fence well away from the area were also damaged - nothing to do with the dozens of 3/4 tonne of prime beef occupying the field, I guess the land owner plays golf with the Chief constable or something as if that happened to my fence there would not be a Police investigation. Despite this there was a good comradery amongst the birders resigned to dipping and we watched a small starling murmuration and large numbers of geese at dusk before heading home. At home a longworth set in the garage had caught a yellow necked mouse.

Mother Hubbards, Swaffham - Just Chips 8.5/10

Thursday 19th - Moths and Moles

Mole Cricket

A moth trapping session at home produced mainly various yellow underings and setaceous hebrew characters but a few others brown spot pinion the pick. After work I headed to Northamptonshire to meet Brian Laney who had a mole cricket this rare creaure is very rarely seen and it was great to see it.

Tuesday 19th - Nasty Norfolk

Disconsolate Birders

After getting the car fixed in the early afternoon I maanged to get to Norfolk for a few hours for the Pallas grasshopper warbler and quite honestly I wished I hadn't. Why - well people arguing with Holkham estate staff after trespassing in a field they were asked not to go in - it was embarassing and did not birders in the best light, but it was a small minority, the bulk of the birders were well behaved. Did I see the bird not with any certainty, a couple of brief flight views in the ditch could have been the bird. As the light faded I headed for home after a disapointing afternoon.

Drifters, Fakenham - Burger, onion rings and Chips 8.5/10

Sunday 17th - Gorgeous Grafham

Leach's Petrel

The car would not start ! so I had to use the wife's, I was busy until early afternoon but was tempted to drop into Grafham Water where the Leach's Petrel was showing well off the dam. After a short while it flew off into the middle of the reservoir. A little stint and a dunlin were showing well on the shoreline as a bonus. I headed to Fen Drayton for a wander before a bat catching session. The bat activity was quite high and we caught 17 bats including 6 nathusius pipistrelles.

Churchills, Bar Hill - Burger and Chips 8/10

Thursday 9th - Ely Err!

Daubenton's Bat

After spending most of the day at the hospital I headed to Burwell Fen where the reported grey phalarope had been re identified as a red necked phalarope. It showed distantly so I headed to Roswell Pits, Ely for some bat catching. It was quiet only 8 bats Daubenton's, soprano and common pipistrelle so we headed home just before midnight to be confronted by a locked gate. The security guard arrived 1.5 hours late to let us out, but my car would not start - great but we bumped started it and I got home eventually.

The Best Plaice, Burwell - Sausage and Chips 8/10

Saturday 9th - Chipping Sodbury Common

Woodchat Shrike Stoat

Not going to Barra for the American redstart, but I did make a trip to Chipping Sodbury for the woodchat shrike. I arrived at 8am in lovely sunshine. A redstart in the hedge was a nice start, and the shrike was showing nicely for a handful of people present. The field was alive with migrants chiff chaffs, whitethroat half a dozen yellow wagtails and at least a dozen whinchats were an excellent supporting cast to the shrike. I spotted a distant stoat and managed to get a little closer for some photos as it chased itself round. I stopped for some lunch on the way home just before the torrential rain arrived. A quick cup of tea and I was off again to Milton Country Park for some bat catching. Only 3 species common and sporano pipistrelle and daubenton's bat but multiples of each and about 18 bats in total. I did cathc an old lady moth in one of the harp traps.

Greedy's, Stow on the Wold - Battered Burger, pea fritter and Chips 9/10

Thursday 7th - Breckland Blast

Wasp Spider

After taking my wift to a hospital appointment I had some free time so popped to the Brecks for a few hours in one final ladybird search. But it was clear that the season was at its end as it was hard work to locate small numbers of 7, 22 adonis, pine and harlequin ladybirds 16 and 24 spot along with scymnus sutaralis were quite numerous and a lone rhyzobius litura. I stopped in at Lakneheath for an ice cream and had a swallowtail in the car park as I arrived but lost it as I tried for a photo and an hours searching did not give any further sightings. One last site produced very little apart from a wasp spider so I headed home.

Saturday 2nd - Queen of Sussex

Queen of Spain Fritillary

James Hanlon and I headed to Sussex, where we joined a small group of butterfly twitchers already watching our quarry - queen of spain fritilary. It showed well for the entire time we were there in rather pleasant weather. The site held a good number of butterfly species into double figures, clouded yellow of note. There was little else about so we headed home via Shoreham for a quick look at the wall lizards and a bonus of a hummingbird hawkmoth.

Friday 1st - A Little Local Look

Autumn Gentian

After a week of no wildlife I stopped in at Cherry Hinton Chalk pits on the way home to check on the Autumn gentians which were just starting to flower, probably best in another week. Moth trapping over the last few days has produced lots of moths but mostly setaceous hebrew character and yellow underwings of several types highlights pale eggar, burnished brass, six striped rustic.



Monday 28th - Fowlmere Furries


After being cooped up all weekend I was keen to get out and twitched Dewick's Plusia and gold spot in Over two very nice moths. I stopped for chips before heading to Fowlmere where the Bat group was trapping for the evening. It started slow but eventually the bats started coming 15 in total, both common and soprano pipistrelle, daubenton's, brown long eared bat and the highlight of the evening a serotine and a badger on the way home.

Churchill's, Bar Hill - Saveloy and Chips 8/10

Friday 25th - Ferry Meadow Flyers

Nathusius pipistrelle

I joined the bat group for a session at Ferry Meadows bat catching. Conditions were good and we caught a slow but steady stream of bats, Soprano, Common and Nathusius pipistrelle and some Daubenton's bats. I had to elave early as my wife was injured in an accident and I had to cancel plans for the weekend to look after her.

Chippy Sue's Whittlesey - Cheese and Onion Fritter, Mushy pea fritter and Chips 8.5/10

Monday 21st - Breckland Ladybirds 2

Nephus quadrimaculatus

I had popped up to the Brecks after work for a little ladybird hunt. Plenty of ladybirds but only a few species. cream spotted, pine, 7 and 24 spotted, scymuns sutaralis and the prize find several Nephus quadrimaculatus.

Sunday 20th - Chilterns

Chiltern Gentian

I had a few hours in the Chilterns the main target was Chiltern gentian which I located quite quickly. I spent a little bit of time looking for ladybirds but only a few common species but I did find quite a few adonis blue butterflies and a slow worm.

Thursday 17th - Monthly Mothing

Buff Tip

I have been busy so not done much moth trapping over the last couple of weeks, but had had a few nice species buff tip, six striped rustic, small waved umber, whitepoint, herald moth, cloaked minor, clouded border, straw underwing, spectacle, green carpet, garden carpet, pale mottled willow

Wednesday 16th - Ladybird Twitching

Rhyzobius forestieri

Far less stressful than bird twitching, Andrew Jewel had found a rhyzobius forestieri so I headed to the Lea Valley for a Ladybird twitch. A leisurely cup of tea and cake was had before the unveiling and we photographed the ladybird before letting it go free.

Monday 14th - Brampton Batting

Whiskered Bat

I joined the Wildlife trust and Bat group for a session of bat trapping in Brampton Wood. Conditions were good and we caught over 20 bats, mostly soprano pipistrelle's. But we did get a few other species Daubenton's, Noctule, common pipistrelle and a whiskered Bat. We packed up just before the rain came after a good evening and I headed home for a couple for hours sleep before work.

Thursday 10th - Breckland Ladybirding

Nephus redtenbacheri

Continuing my efforts in the brecks searching for ladybirds, an evening visit to Mayday Farm produced lots of ladybirds 16 spot being the most numerous in a patch of grassland, but 22, 24 and 7 spotNephus redtenbacheri. I tried another area of pines but only pine and 7 spot here still not a bad haul.

Scotland - July 2017

Monday 7th - Harlow Hares

Sickle-leaved Hare's-ear

I had to go to Harlow to run an errand But nearby I visited a roadside verge which is the only site for Sickle-leaved Hare's-ear which was in flower.

Saturday 5th - Grilling the Glis

Edible Dormice

We went to a family BBQ in the Chilterns, the area I am originally from. On the way home we stopped off in Wendover briefly for the Edible Dormice, which showed nicely during our visit.

Friday 4th - Birthday Boat and Bits

Common Seal Silver Washed Fritillary var valenzina

Happy Birthday to me - I had the day off work and headed off to Norfolk. First stop holt country park where I was after the silver washed fritillary var valesina. The weather was not too bad but quickly clouded over and we gave up heading for some touristy stuff. But mid afternoon the sun came out and we returned to Holt country park. We bumped into James Hanlon also looking for the valesina. After a bit of a search one was located in the car park along with a nice selection of other butterflies and a broad boarded bee hawkmoth. Time moved on and we headed to Moreston for a seal trip to Blakeney point. Both common and grey seals present along with some nice little terns. Time for Chips and home.

Eric's, Thornham - Fish and Chips 8/10

Wednesday 2nd - Ladybirding the Brecks

Platynaspis luteorubra

I popped into the Brecks for a couple hours of ladybird hunting and what a good selection of species 7 spot, harlequin, striped, scymnus sutaralis, pine, rhyzobius chrysomeloides but the prize was Platynaspis luteorubra a new species for me. I also found a pine hawkmoth caterpillar but little else as the heavens opened to cut the evening short.

Billing Fishbar, Billing - Battered Sausage and Chips 7/10.



Sunday 30th - Loads of Ladybirds

Spotted Pond Ladybird

A day out with Andrew Jewel in search of ladybirds, first stop North London, but very little here, cream spotted, orange and pine ladybirds. So it was into the Lea valley where we had more success. 7 spot, harlequin, kidney spot, 22, 16, 24, 14 spot, rhyzobius chrysomeloides, rhyzobius litura were all located in a small area. One last site produced Coccidula scutellata and Coccidula rufa 14 species was not a bad haul and the weather just about held.

Saturday 29th - Bugs and Broomrapes

Southern migrant HawkerBean Broomrape

A beautiful morning I headed to Camvey island, where I quickly found a couple of southern migrant hawkers roosting allowing for some nice photos. Next stop was North Kent where in a field of bean lurked Bean Broomrape plenty of spikes in all stages of development. I popped into Oare Marshes but no sign of the Bonapart's gull, that was until about 20 mins after I left. Next I was after more Odonta but willow emerald eluded me but plenty of others to keep me interested. I headed to Temple Ewell for butterflies and I quickly connected with chalkhill blue, brown argus amongst common species but the rain finally arrived and it was quite heavy so I headed for Dungeness, food and shelter. The Pectoral sandpiper was no where to be found but a nice yellow billed teal was clearly not a recent arrival from South America and it was time to head home.

Greatstone Fishbar, New Romney, - Sausage and Chips 7/10.

Tuesday 11th - Osprey and the Occult


Probable escapes are deemed as taboo, yet still quite a few people view them on the sly, just in case. I headed over to Sandon Churchyard to see the laughing dove of unknow origin, supported by some nice spotted flycatchers. I had planned to search for ladybirds but the weather did not co-operate so searched for plants with out much success before heading to Rutland for a session watching ospreys fishing. One male visited on two occasions and I got a few photos in what was rather poor conditions but it was great to watch it fish up close.

Chippy Sue's, Whittlesey, - Spam Fritter and Chips 8/10.

Sunday 9th - Dorset Dip

Lesser Emperor

I was in Wiltshire for the morning and headed to Longham Lakes early afternoon, the scarlet darter had not been seen for a while but the lesser emperors were showing well. I stayed until almost 6pm before stopping briefly in the New Forest for bog orchid and a nearby herd of fallow deer feeding in some trees before getting some food and calling it a day.

Poulner Fish and Chips, Ringwood - Fish cake, pea fritter and Chips 7/10.

Saturday 8th - Brecks Bits

Bedstraw Hawkmoth Field Viole

The moth traps were brimming with moths - 2 elephant, 1 eyed and 8 poplar hawkmoths, lunar pinion, light arches, dark arches, dusky sallow, yellow tail and brown tail, oak hook tip I had to go to work where I had a moth trap set along with 10 longworth traps, I checked the longworths first a common shrew, a pygmy shrew and a field vole. The moths in moth trap were quite active despite the early hour it was still very warm. A privet hawkmoth the pick of the species here but early thorn, dusky sallow, lime speck pug, dusky sallow, nut tree tussock were also nice. After work I popped to the Brecks I checked out two sites for ladybirds and was quite successful with 7, 14, 16 and 22 spot, harlequin, scymnus sutaralis, scymnus femoralis and scymnus limbatus. Some fried potatoes later I popped into Lakenheath for ice cream and some butterflies, plenty of newly emerged gatekeeeprsin the garden along with plenty of other insects. A quick stop at Weeting for Broad leaved helleborine and stone curlew obviously! and a couple of moths they had trapped kent dark arches and tree lichen beauty. I made one last stop for six belted clearwing and one was quickly lured in for photos and I headed for home.

Lakenheath Chip Shop, Lakenheath - Just Chips 8/10.

Friday 7th - Garden Stuff

Scalloped Oak

I was in Paris for a couple of days so did not have much time to do much else apart from moth trapping. A nice selection Chinese character, codling moth, coronet, cream wave, dun bar, early thorn, grey dagger, lackey, fanfoot, miller, least carpet, shaded Broad bar, small scallop.

Sunday 2nd - A Little Local Stuff

Bedstraw Hawkmoth

I was luck to be able to visit Cottenham to visit a Bedstraw hawkmoth a cracking moth and with supporting cast of goat moth and yellow legged clearwing it was well worth the diversion. Next I headed to Fen Drayton RSPB to search for scymnus frontalis and I found one very quickly.

Saturday 1st - Bee-eater and Bits


I could not resist a trip to Nottinghamshire for the bee eaters, six were present and showed quite well during my visit. I made a visit to Chambers Farm for butterflies and moths, painted lady, comma, red admiral and currant clearwing. I stopped for ladybirds but only found the comon species and I was heading for home when news that the caspian tern had been relocated somewhere I did not know despite working in that area for a while. But I eventually found the site and access point and got onto the tern a few mins before it flew off west.

Billing Fishbar, Billing - Battered Sausage and Chips 7/10.



Friday 30th - Moths

Beautiful Hooktip

A nice selection of moths this week, highlights ruby tiger, small waved umber, drinker, swallowtailed moth, white satin moth, small blood vein, beautiful hooktip, elephant hawkmoth, lesser cream wave, pale prominent, ribband wave, scarce footman, scalloped oak, brown line bright eye, shoulder striped wainscot, v pug.

Sunday 25th - Broomrapes and a Busy Bempton

Thistle Broomrape

Heading to East Yorkshire I stopped at Wharram Quarry in search of thistle broomrape, this parasite of the woolly thistle it was mostly over but a few spikes were still in good condition. Plenty of butterflies were present and a spectacular display of common spotted orchids. We headed off to Bempton Cliffs for the seabirds all the usual suspects present fulmar, kittiwake, gannet, razorbill, guilemot, puffin, herring gull. Pity the Albatross turned up a few days later and not this afternoon. Still it was a nice visit and ice cream finished off the trip.

Churchill's, Bar Hill - Saveloy, onion rings and Chips 8/10.

Saturday 24th - Northern Orchids and Mammals

Lesser Twayblade

A weekend away in the Dales with friends although not wildlife focussed was very productive. After a full English I was set up for the day and headed off for some touristy stuff a weasel crossed the road in front of the car but did not linger. Leaving about lunchtime (ice cream in belly) I headed off to Cliburn Moss for orchids, on the drive across the moors a mole was in the road, I stopped leapt out to try to catch it but it went into the verge just before I got to it and it vanished into a hole. At Cliburn moss I found the lesser twayblades I always forget just how small they are. Last stop was a roadside spot where a nice selection of common spotted and northern marsh orchids.

Monday 19th - Wednesday 21st - A Little bit in Lisbon

Black Redstart

I was in Lisbon for work, it was very hot but I did venture out for a wander, plenty of yellow legged gulls and black redstarts of note amongst the common species.

Saturday 17th - Bees, Beavers and Battered Chips

Beaver Beaver

I headed to Salisbury Plain in search of Broken belted bumblebees, conditions were perfect but there were not many bees. I did eventually find some bees including Broken belted bumblebee. But butterflies were plentiful, meadow browns out in large numbers, and the first marbled whites of the year amongst the blues. The highlight was a couple of dark green fritillaries showing nicely, a few pyramidal orchids and a ?? broomrape also of note. I popped in to Yarnbury castle where there was a nice display of chalk fragrant orchids, including albiflora. Next stop was a roadside verge on a minor road, I stopped to use the facilities, here there were a few common spotted and bee orchids, so I explored a little more on some waste ground just behind was a disused building / shed so I took a look inside, there was a single lesser horseshoe bat roosting so I made a quick exit. I made it the Exmouth for chips and then onto Otterton to see the beavers, the female was showing very nicely, the male only briefly but it was a cracking evening with banded demoiselle, dipper and grey wagtails

Krispies, Exmouth - Cod, Cheese bites and Battered Chips 9/10

Friday 16th - Dorset Dogs

Fox Badger

I had 2 days plaaned in the New Forest / Dorset area and slightly further afield, but I altered plans slightly to take another look at the Elegant tern, but it was not particular co-operative in the 5 hours I spent on site but at least it did show, I did manage to take a look at the rather rare Childing Pink. I made it into the New Forest a brief look at the Boulderwood Deer before a search for the wild gladioli. One site I drew a blank but the second they were flowering and I located a dozen quite quickly. A quick look at lesser butterfly orchids and I headed to Dorchester for some food and then onto the Dorset Badger Watch. I was early but no one was around but after 15 mins the owner turned up, the others were very early and had already gone to the hide as there was a fox cub out. I headed up and joined them and the fox cub was joined by another this one less brave, the vixen showed briefly but generally stayed away but the cubs visited off and on all evening. Eventually activity at the badger sett and one badger came down near the hide, another eventually joined it and a third was not so beave at stayed near the sett. Eventually I got a photo of the brave fox cub and a badger. A large bat was flying around as it got dark but I could not be sure of the ID but likely a serotine.

White Whale, Ramsey - Sausage and Chips 8/10

Thursday 15th - Woodwalton Fen Finds

Tansy Beetle

I whizzed upto Woodwalton Fen for a few hours after work, mainly to get a visit in before the access road is closed to replace the bridge. Access information after the weekend was clear as mud parking at the countryside centre, which is almost never open. Anyway I was there to try and find the Tansy Beetle a very rare beetle discovered there a couple of years ago. COnditions perfect when I left work were now very blustery but I did locate a couple of beetles and a flyover bittern. Fen ragwort was in flower as was the butterwort before heading home.

White Whale, Ramsey - Just Chips 8/10

Wednesday 14th - Ladybirds

Scymnus haemorroidalis

I popped up into the Brecks for a spot of ladybird searching, it was quite productive with 10 species, the highlight Scymnus haemorrhoidalis . Moth trapping in the garden this week was good, plenty of moths with the warm weather scorched wing, mottled beauty, garden carpet, green pug some of the new species this year.

Trawlers catch, Lakenheath - Just Chips 8/10

Sunday 11th - Sheer Elegance

Elegant Tern

I woke up to news that the Elegant tern was still present, my hangover was not too bad coke and painkillers saw that off but the late night argument with a kerb was smarting and I limped to the car not relishing the 1.5 mile walk each way. The walk was difficult as expected but I eventually joined the assembled crown and had to wait a couple of hours for the bird to return. I was not showing very well but I could not wait I was struggling so headed back. Common lizard and a few dragonflies on the way back broke up the walk. I made two very brief stops for butterflies and orchids on the way home bee, man, chalk fragrant, common spotted orchids, small blue, common blue, ringlet, meadow brown, small tortoiseshell, red admiral, small heath, brimstone, large skipper the butterflies.

Saturday 10th - The Road to Reading

Night Heron

I was heading to reading for some Liver abuse, but made a couple of stops on the way, first stop was the Pegston Hills for orchids, which were tricky to photograph in the blustery conditions. Burn tip the target here, but plenty of Chalk fragrant orchids as well, the cow parsley had a myriad of bee species but was blowing all over the place a nightmare to photograph. I headed off to Enfield where Simon West had given me some information about a pond with leucistic grey herons one was showing very well. I was also after some non-native terrapins with red eared terrapin and what looks like a common snapping turtle.

Ireland - May 2017

Sunday 4th - Welsh Wonders

Night Heron

I arrived in Shrewsbury to see a fox cross the road and headed to the Dingle pond to see the long staying night heron. I was foiled by a pop concert last weekend and this morning I was foiled by a padlock, the pond does not open until 10.30, it was not 5am. I headed off to North Wales where I joined a small group for a mountain flower walk. The weather started off poor but got better all the time and by the time we reached the best areas the weather was nice. We saw a good selection of mountain plants such as mountain avens, moss campion, mossy saxifrage, starry saxifrage, mountain everlasting, alpine bedstraw, lesser clubmoss, alpine clubmoss and I had a really good day in the hills, spectacular scenery some feral goats and an ice cream to boot. I headed for home popping into Shrewsbury, third time lucky the pond was open and the night heron was showing nicely perched in a small tree on the bank. I headed home for some well earned sleep, via the chip shop.

O My Cod, Telford - Saveloy, Chips and pickled egg 7.5/10

Saturday 3rd - Lots Locally

Red tipped Clearwing

I had a nice lie in before processing the moth trap, a nice selection elephant hawkmoth, burnished brass, blood vein, common marbled carpet, ghost moth, silver y, buff ermine to name a few. After a few chores I headed to Cambridge in search of clearwings but had no luck with them but nice kestrel and peregrines. I had another site to try for clearwings in Beds so headed there stopping off at The Lodge for a wander on the way. It was quiet wildlife wise, but plenty of noisy families on the reserve. I found some quiet spots some scarce chasers at Jack's pond and a very brief view of water shrew, and a 7 spot ladybird but not much else apart from the call of an unseen cuckoo. I headed off to try for red tipped clearwings, it took 30 mins but one turned up and settled nicely. Time was moving on so I got some chips and headed to Monk's Wood for a bat trapping session, the aim to radio tag female myotis bats to find maternity roosts. First catch was a soprano pipistrelle but the next bat was a female barbastelle duly tagged and released. The final catch was 6 soprano pipistrelles, 2 barbastelles and a single common pipistrelle. Other sightings were tawny owl, hedgehog and a funky Nematopogon moth sp. Just before 3am I was heading off the Shrewsbury.

Friday 2nd - Mammal Atlas

Mammal Atlas

The Mammal Atlas of North East Scotland and the Cairngorms arrived in the last few days, I received a complimentary copy for the use of several photographs in the atlas. A large format book, the atlas is very good content wise and very comprehensive covering habitats, species, about the atlas and recording along with conservation well worth the £15 for a quality 130 page book.

Thursday 1st - Attention!

Military orchid

I popped out to the Brecks for a couple of hours after work, first stop was the Rex graham reserve for Military Orchids there were still plenty in flower along with a southern marsh orchid. I then visited a couple of spots for ladybirds it was fairly productive with 7 species 16 and 24 spot, pine, striped, cream streaked, Rhyzobius litura and Scymnus suturalis. I found several moths mostly unidentified.



Wednesday 31st - Many Moths

Eyed Hawkmoth

I ran the moth trap for the first time in a while and a bumper crop all very active as it was very warm even at 6am and I lost several. Stars of course are the hawkmoths, 2x poplar, elephand and eyed. Some highlights Peppared Moth, light emerald, buff ermine, poplar grey, spectacle, white point, large nutmeg.

Monday 29th - Wonderful Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler

Being away I had plenty to do at home but could not resist popping out to see the showy wood warbler at Brandon. It showed very nicely flitting round the woodland allowing for some nice photos.

Sunday 28th - Urban Exploring

Edible Frog 2 Spot Ladybird

I met up with Andrew Jewels for some urban wildlife watching mainly looking for ladybirds but with a few additions. First stop was Waterworks reserve, where we struggled to get in some big event was going on but we were let in to see the edible frogs and some nice pochards as well. Next stop was Stoke Newington Reservoirs for some ladybirds but the reserve was closed apparently hired out for a wedding. We took a look round the accessible parts and found several 2 spots and a couple of 14 spots. Next stop was a cemetary not too far away where we located cream spotted and 10 spot ladybirds. Last stop was Hutchinson bank reserve but not long after we arrived the heavens opened butwe managed to find a couple of small blues and a Rhyzobius litura ladybird.

Saturday 26th - Welsh Wizround

Red Squirrel

After getting off the ferry at Holyhead (Ireland Trip Report to Follow) I headed to South Stack RSPB for a couple of hours sleep before dawn, but I had a lie in as a heavy rain storm arrived as dawn broke. When the rain cleared I headed down to the cliffs for some sea birds, rock pipits and choughs. Next stop was in the Newborough woodlands where the reintroduced red squirrels were showing well. A quick stop for feral goats on the Great Orme took far longer than expected as they were absent from their usual haunts but I located several eventually. Last stop was Shrewsbury Town centre for the night heron but the park was closed for a pop concert, it was only publicised on the news services later that evening so a wasted trip and I headed home.

Friday 19th - Catch Tastic

Harvest Mouse

The grassland at work is being cut so I threw a few longworths down beforehand just managed one catch in 5 traps but well worth the effort a cracking harvest mouse.

Thursday 18th - Local Bits and Bobs

Privet Hawkmoth

Just a catch up on the local stuff over the past week or so, only a few moths in the trap, white ermine, green carpet, orange swift and a cracking privet hawkmoth.

Saturday 13th - Forest Forays


I headed to the Brecon Beacons to a forrested cliff in search of a rare whitebeam, the weather was pretty poor, low cloud and rain but I climbed the hill anyway. The directions had me in the right area and I located the rather small Motley's Whitebeam. Typically the rain stopped as I returned to the car and as I crossed the border into England the sun came out. I headed into the Forest of Dean for a few hours, first stop was for food then a couple of butterfly sites where I did find a couple of wood whites but not much else. So I popped into Nagshead RSPB in search of birds, I only stayed a short while as a bus load turned up so I left and headed into the Forest. Here I found a couple of hawfinches. One last stop this time at Cannop ponds where a raven was eyeing up the mandarin ducklings. I stopped briefly in the Chilterns where I added common blue to the butterfly list and my last stop at Hartslock for orchids, monkey, lady and the hybrids all flowering nicely and white helleborine just starting to flower.

Chip In, Blakeney - Fish and Chips 9/10

Friday 12th - A Wicken Wander

Black Winged Stilt

A red footed falcon at Wicken Fen (and being 10 mins from work), enticed me for an evening visit. The falcon and accompanying hobbies were not present but a reeling gropper, 2 black winged stilts and half a dozen garganey made the trip worthwhile.

Wednesday 10th - Breckland Beauties


I was tempted into the Brecks partly due to the nice weather but also the presence of a Great Reed Warbler showing at Nunnery Lakes, it was showing nicely but at a distance. I followed up on a few birds seen well on the weekends bird race first were woodlarks I found half a dozen including one displaying and they showed very nicely. Next was firecrest but it was much harder to find than on the bird race, probably the time of day, but eventually I located it and it showed well. Things had taken longer than expected so it was time to head home.

Trawlers Catch, Lakenheath - Just chips - 8/10

Monday 8th - Boar-ed Sensless

Wild Boar

Simon West and I headed down to the Forest of Dean for a day out, first stop was a chilly Nagshead where the Pied Flycatchers were showing nicely during our wander round. A frog and a redstart also of note but no wood warblers. A quick stop and Cannop ponds for mandarin but little else so we headed to meet up with Ben Locke and headed off in search of wild boar, but nothing at our first site so we tried for some butterflies at a couple of sites. Both grizzled and dingy skippers and the pick. We stopped for some wild boar which were in some dense woodland and the dry leaves underfoot made them difficult to approach. But another site we had some wild boar on a track, a couple of adults and half a dozen youngsters. Wood warbler search was unsuccessful but we found some nice stonechats, willow warblers and tree pipits and a young dipper. We tried for more boar and located two large groups 32 in total who performed very well for photos, they were incredibly noisy and finished the day off nicely.

Forest Fish and Chips, Mitcheldean - Sausage and chips - 7/10

Sunday 7th - Deja Vu

Red Breasted Flycatcher

The big bird race over and after some sleep I woke to news that the showy red brested flycatcher was still present so I headed back to Holme, where it was performing well. All the other birds were still present at Holme which was nice, as was a weasel who ran past me near one of the hides day began in a rather cold Downham Market at midnight with a nightingale. No prizes for guessing our first stop, where our target corncrake was calling. We then visited a few night sites for night singers, before heading into the Brecks for dawn to pick up the specialaties there, highlight was a barn owl quartering 20 feet away from us. It was bitterly cold and dizzly not ideal conditions but we kept clocking up the targets but a few sites did let us down particularly garganey, great white egret, turtle dove, bullfinch and redstart. We headed to the coast via Welney for the Black Winged Stilts. We broke from the semi planned route and headed to Holme for the incredibly showy red brested flycatcher and got back redstart. Titchwell produced the expected birds ans well as clawing back bullfinch and turtle dove. We carried on down the coast finishing off with a pied flycatcher and barnacle goose and finishing back at Downham Market at about 9.30pm.

No photos or chips on bird race day, but we did squeeze in an ice cream. A few mammals seen during the day muntjac, roe deer, brown hare, rabbit, grey squirrel, vole sp, harbour porpoise.

Drifters, Fakenham - Sausage and chips - 9/10

Saturday 6th - Bird race

Red Breasted Flycatcher

The big bird race day began in a rather cold Downham Market at midnight with a nightingale. No prizes for guessing our first stop, where our target corncrake was calling. We then visited a few night sites for night singers, before heading into the Brecks for dawn to pick up the specialaties there, highlight was a barn owl quartering 20 feet away from us. It was bitterly cold and dizzly not ideal conditions but we kept clocking up the targets but a few sites did let us down particularly garganey, great white egret, turtle dove, bullfinch and redstart. We headed to the coast via Welney for the Black Winged Stilts. We broke from the semi planned route and headed to Holme for the incredibly showy red brested flycatcher and got back redstart. Titchwell produced the expected birds ans well as clawing back bullfinch and turtle dove. We carried on down the coast finishing off with a pied flycatcher and barnacle goose and finishing back at Downham Market at about 9.30pm.

No photos or chips on bird race day, but we did squeeze in an ice cream. A few mammals seen during the day muntjac, roe deer, brown hare, rabbit, grey squirrel, vole sp, harbour porpoise. The final total 156, the full list on the sidebar.

Friday 5th - Nice Nightingales


After work I popped to a local site to see nightingales, the nice sunny day immediatly changed to overcast and windy as I arrived on site - typical! But a few nightingales were singing away nicely but were very elusive, I got a couple of photos and added a couple of moths to the list cinnebar and a speckled yellow.

Thursday 4th - A second Stork

White Stork

I was in Knapwell for work so it was an easy journey to Hilton to see the white stork of unknown origin that was showing quite well on the playing field. I stopped in at a local wood on the way home to see the bluebells, there were still some early purple orchids flowering in various shades including a nice white individual.

Tuesday 2nd - Garden Wildlife

Brimstone Moth

A handful of Moths Brimstone Moth the pick this week and a garden muntjac of note but not much else.



Saturday 29th - Wonderful Woodwalton Warblers

Soprano Pipistrelle Common Lizard

I was at Woodwalton Fen first thing and pretty much had the place to myself for most of the morning. Plenty of Chinese water Deer and a few water voles and a single muntjac but it was the birds that made the morning. Loads of garden warblers amongst the throng of warblers on site and plenty of groppers reeling away as well, 7 species in total. 2 cuckoo's, food passing marsh harriers, water rail and plenty of other birds on my wander on a wonderful morning. I headed for lunch and then on to Upwood Meadow where the green winged orchids were in flower nicely but not as impressive as last year. I met up with other members of the Cambridgeshire bat group for a box check 23 Soprano pipistrelles and 12 noctules.
Chippy Sue's, Whittlesey - Just Chips 8.5/10

Friday 28th - Delightful Dotterels


I finished early and headed to Therfield on what was a beautiful afternoon, I arrived at the field complete with four dotterel showing well. John Dixon was on site and we spent a few hours watching and chatting. After having our fill of the dotterel we headed off, stopping for two whestears on the way back after a nice afternoon.

Fish n Chickn Fish Bar, Royston - Battered Sausage and chips - 8/10.

Sunday 23rd - Day out in Dorset

Woodstock x Fly Orchid Lapwing

Somehow I slept through my alarm somehow, and left 90 mins later than planned. I headed down to Dorset, stopping in the New Forest on the way down to check out a few sites for future trips. I then headed to a roadside verge to see the Woodstock x Fly orchid hybrids they were smaller than expected and tricky to find but worth the effort to visit. I made a detour for a quick tourist stop and a weasel shot across the road, I stopped but could not squeak it out. Next stop was Langton Herring to see the very distant Kentish plover but the area was alive with whitethroats and a fly through whimbrel was nice. The weather was not ideal for herps so instead I looked for the Great Grey Shrike near Arne but had no luck so popped into Arne for an ice cream not intending to stay as I knew it would be busy but some reported yellow wagtails lured me into a quick look round. The wagtails were showing nicely with the cattle but the significant visitor disturbance ensured little else was about apart from the sika deer. I popped into Blashford Lakes just as they were closing my visit too brief to locate the Bonaparte's gull so I headed for home.

Parkway Fish Bar, Poole - Battered Sausage, chips and Baked bean Fritter - 8/10.

Saturday 22nd - Saturday Stuff

Lesser Swallow Prominent

A handful of Moths lesser swallow prominent the pick, I had other stuff to do but on the way home late afternoon, I stopped in at Folksworth for the rather distant Ring Ouzel.

Friday 21st - Minsmere Mammal Mania

Muntjac Red Deer

I had never intended to go to Minsmere but that is where I ended. I finished work early and headed to was at Fox Fritillary Meadow reserve open evening for the Snakeshead fritillaries to see the spectacular flowering of these weird plants. I had had my fill of fritillaries and the obvious next stop was Minsmere for the Savi's Warbler which showed very briefly but was singing quite a lot. But it was the mammals that made the evening first was a very brief otter in the far corner of the mere. I though about heading to Westleton Heath to look for deer so headed back to the car. Some rustling grabbed my attention and I got the briefest view of a shrew, on the route back to the car I bumped into a muntjac which showed nicely and then a small herd of red deer near the visitor's centre. No need to go to Westleton so I took a wander encountering yet another mammal this time a water vole on the pond, and with several grey squirrels and dozens of rabbits that was 7 mammal species in less than 2 hours - not a bad evening.

Debenham Fish and Chips, Debenham - chips and Mushy Peas - 8/10.

Thursday 20th - Stansted Star

Black Necked Grebe

I took an evening trip to Stansted Airport Lagoons to see the summer plumaged Black necked grebe found the previous day. It showed well but the light was not ideal, I sat on the bank of the lagoon in a good spot as the grebe moved up and down the lagoon. There were loads of house and sand martins my first of the year, security turned up and parked up opposite, I was 20m past the no entry sign and they were trying to move me with just their presence, but I clearly had more staying power and they left after 20 mins and I stayed until the light was too poor and I headed home.

Monday 17th - Woodpeckers and Slow Worms

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

I was up early and found my way to Cassiobury Park in Watford where as I arrived a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was calling. It showed well for the next hour with another nearby occasionally calling, well worth the visit. With nothing else on the cards and the sun putting in an appearance I headed for North Kent to see some herps and orchids. Early Purple orchids in full flower and common spotted leaves just emerging. Dozens of slow worms and one adder was all I could find herp wise but I bumped into a hunting fox although difficult to photograph with a 100mm macro lens! After some lunch I stopped in at Rainham RSPB for an ice cream and a wander, the place was very busy with people but a litle quite on the wildlife front. Plenty of sedge warblers and the odd whitethroat but little else in the way of migrants. A water shrew showed briefly in a ditch a few times, and I called it a day.

Sole Plaice, Darenth - Saveloy and chips - 8/10.

Saturday 15th - Woodwalton once More

Green Winged orchid

I was first person at Woodwalton Fen for a morning wander, a water vole showed too briefly for my camera but the Chinese water deer were more co-operative. Three grasshopper warblers were elusive and the place was alive with blackcap, sedge, willow and reed warblers. A brief grass snake, plenty of butterflies and the first large red damselflies. It started to get busy so I left stopping at Upwood Meadow to check on the Green winged Orchids where three were in flower but plenty in bud. I stopped at a common lizard site on the way home, only one showed briefly but it was enough for a quick photo.

Alan's Fish Bar, Ely - Spam Fritter, Pea fritter and chips - 8/10.

Friday 14th - Breckland Beauties

Otter Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Striped Ladybird

I was at Santon Downham at dawn my target lesser spotted woodpecker, I had seen one briefly a few weeks back and thought I would give it another go. A brief view of water vole on the walk was a good omen, and it was not long until I heard a lesser spotted woodpecker and then one landed in a dead tree a little way off, the light was still poor but I got a few photos. I spotted some disturbance in the water, and thought it may be another vole, but it was two otters, a mother and cub. They showed well and I followed them up the river watching them fish although a couple of moorhens exploded away when they spotted the otters. A water vole was not so lucky and despite diving into the water for his burrow it was not match for the mother and she easily caught the water vole and passed it to the cub and it took 10 mins for the cub to eat. The mother finished the left overs and they continued their hunt, I followed them for well over an hour until the arrived at a holt and disappeared to sleep off their breakfast. It was a great experience watching them feeding together and really made the day. I headed back to the car for a drink, encountering a large number of bramblingon the way and then took a wander in the woods looking for ladybirds, I only found two pine ladybirds and a striped ladybird but during my wander I spotted a couple of tree pipits, yellowhammers and stonechats. I stopped in at Weeting but the stone curlews were hiding so I moved on to Lakenheath where booming bitterns were the highlight. There were plenty of warblers almost all out of sight but I did flush my first chinese water deer at the site on the way to the wash land for the glossy ibis which was showing distantly. With little else around grabbed an ice cream and headed for home.

Lakenheath Chip Shop, Lakenheath - King Rib, Chips and pickled Egg 8.5/10

Thursday 13th - Moths

Tawny Pinion

Just a few moths this week as the weather was not ideal, very cold at night and quite breezy similar species to last week hebrew character, early grey, common quaker etc. the best moth was a tawny pinion.

Wednesday 12th - Jungle Fowl-mere the Return

Water Vole

I was up early and was first to Fowlmere determined to get better views of water shrews and water voles. A herd of fallow deer and a couple of muntjac and a nice treecreeper. I staked out the water shrews but only one brief view so took a wander along the stream and had 3 brief views of water voles but got a photo of the last one. I had to head to work but stopped as another water vole was feeding and allowed me to approach slowly and get some photos.

Tuesday 11th - Jungle Fowl-mere

Jungle Fowl

I had not been to Fowlmere for ages so was up early for a pre work visit, I was greeted by 4 Jungle Fowl which I am not sure is the reason for the reserve name. I flushed a lone fallow deer and several muntjac before one allowed a few photos. The place was alive with birds blackcap and chiffchaffs everywhere a few sedge warblers and a single reed warbler. Goldcrests and cettiís warblers were showy and a brief bullfinch is always nice to see. A brief water shrew and a bank vole deep in the undergrowth were nice to see and hard to photograph. I missed the water vole and 5 brown hares playing in the fields behind the reserve were too far for the camera so I just watched their antics. Corn buntings and calling grey partridges nearby as I headed for work and the families headed for the reserve, a good swap.

Sunday 9th - Stilt Surprise

Black Winged Stilt

A rather more leisurely start took me to Vange Marsh RSPB where the two black winged stilts were showing well. I headed into Kent and made a couple of quick stops for slow worms and early purple orchids before reaching Dungeness. The long staying ring necked duck was still on its favoured pool and the long eared owl was deep in its bush but there was little else on the reserve apart from ice cream. I headed to the beach and did some ladybird hunting, here I located 2 species 24 spot ladybird and Rhizobius litura before a stop for a late lunch, another ice cream and home.

Greatstone Fish Bar, Lade - Battered Sausage, Chips, mushy peas and pickled egg 7.5/10

Saturday 8th - Woodwalton Wander

Grasshopper Warbler

I was up early and at Woodwalton Fen for dawn, it was cover in thick mist and I waited for 40 mins before it was worth heading into the reserve. Chinese water deer were easily found and I had sightings of three water voles. A couple of sedge warblers were singing away and I could hear a grasshopper warbler in the distance, I moved closed and had a few brief views. I took a wander round the reserve marsh harriers displaying and a very brief otter sighting. Blackcaps, chiff chaffs and willow warblers were everywhere but the best find was a redstart but it was not staying for photos. One brief view of a lizard but no other herps and I headed off for lunch. I moved onto Cambridge to a regular site for red eared terrapins, where two were sunning themselves in the glorious weather. I moved onto another site for water voles, but they were being elusive and I had one brief view before heading home.

Chippy Sue's, Whittlesey - Haggis and Chips 8.5/10

Friday 7th - Dull Moths and Golden Rabbits

Golden Rabbit

On the Moth front this week it was very samey with no real attractive moths, I hope that the better weather coming will bring some good stuff. Moths this week included Early grey, Early Thorn, Common Plume, double striped pug, hebrew character Also Rosemary Beetle, Hawthorn Shieldbug and tawny mining bee the non moths in the trap. Close to work I stopped to see the golden rabbits a couple had been showing well for the last few days and I stopped one evening for some photos.

Thursday 6th - Sudbury Stork

White Stork

I finished work early and popped over to Sudbury, where after a short search I located the white stork of unknown origin. It showed quite well but where I was standing was actually on private land although it looked like the well marked footpath, it was actually not. The owner informed me and I apologised and offered to leave but they were happy that nothing untoward was happening and I was invited to stay and see the stork.

Oh My Cod, Sudbury - Battered Burger and Chips 8/10

Monday 3rd - Yorkshire Yowl

Red Grouse

I was in Yorkshire pursuing other interests, and ended up on Ilkley moor where I bumped into a male red grouse showing quite nicely, shame I only has a 70mm wide angle lens to use on him. I was still unwell and I had a tumble hurting my leg, twisting and ankle and yowling in pain and it took 20 mins before I could walk so deserved an ice cream, I changed what I was doing and took a wander (or rather a limp) down the Strid (An ancient riverside woodland), some nice grey wagtails and a good display of woodland flowers including large amounts of toothwort. I headed for some chips and home.

Towngate Fisheries, Idle - Spam Fritter, Chips and Mushy Peas 8/10

Sunday 2nd - Garden Bound

22 Spot Ladybird

I was ill all weekend so didm't leave home, which was criminal given the lovely weather so I had to be content in the garden. Quite a few insects about but no butterflies the best find was a 22 spot ladybird. Although I did enjoy watching the tawny mining bees at work.



Friday 31st - Many Moths and Mammal Media

British Mammals

Back from Switzerland I put the moth trap out for a bumper crop of 98 moths. Mostly common quaker and hebrew character but plenty of other species including early grey, early thorn, dark chestnut, red chestnut, double striped pug, powdered quaker, small quaker, common plume, clouded drab also in the trap a few sexton beetles. Also while I was away my complimentary copy of Britain's Mammals had arrived complete with plenty of my photographs inside. This is an excellent guide well worth adding to the bookshelf.

Churchill's, Bar Hill - Just Chips 8/10.

Monday 27th - Meagre Moths

Red Chestnut

I was spending most of the week in Switzerland for work but mamaged to run the moth trap overnight. A rather meagre haul, red chestnut, small quaker, hebrew character and clouded drab.

Sunday 26th - Long in the Tooth

Purple Toothwort

I had lots to do at home so was up and out early for a few hours in the field, I tried the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Welwyn but only a brief view, but the local chiffchaffs were more obliging. Just down the road at the wild daffodils were just coming out in numbers, it was a lovely spot apart from the mountain biker @#*%s riding through the reserve without a care for the plants, I remonstrated with them but they did not care one jot. I headed for home with a quick stop in Cambridge, where down by the river a weird and wonderful plant grows. The purple toothwort is a parasitic plant growing on willow and other trees and it was flowering nicely. At home I found a 10 Spot Ladybird whilst gardening.

Saturday 25th - Blue is the colour


I had to go to Peterborough to pick up my new car, nothing special just a Vauxhall insignia in blue. The weater was great so I decided to take it for a spin up to Willow Tree Fen to see the long staying Bluethroat. It was feeding out in the open about every 30 mins and I spent a few hours watching it. It was now coming into nice plumage, much better than my last visit. Someone had left their scope so I took a wander to the visitor centre and found a volunteer to take car of it, hopefully it will be reunited with its owner. And I called it a day.

Churchill's, Bar Hill - Just Chips 8/10.

Saturday 18th - Nothing in Norfolk

Little Ringed Plover Avocet

We were staying in Brancaster with friends for a social weekend, but I had Saturday free, so after recovering from the previous nights over indulgence I headed the few miles to Titchwell RSPB. I had a good wander round but it was very quiet and I could not locate the water pipits that had been seen regularly. I helped some old dears identify some waders as I searched for something of interest without sucess. I popped over to Cley for the Black brant which was distant, but the first migrant of the year in the form of a Little ringed plover was worth the effort. It was late afternoon and the rain started to fall heavily so I headed back to base for some more liver abuse.

Jolly Sailor, Brancaster Staithe - Ham egg and Chips 8.5/10.

Saturday 11th - A Day in Dunnington.

Brambling Bullfinch

I fancied a crack at photographing the pine bunting so an early start had me in Yorkshire just before 7am. The Pine bunting was showing as I arrived but obscured in the hedge, it hopped into the open for a second then flew and I missed the shot. I wandered round between the few regular spots all day before giving up just before 4pm a sparrowhawk, couple of brambling, and some bullfinches were scant reward for the 9 hour stint. I wandered back along Kever Lane to the car, just two birders were left at the bottom of the field but did not signal so I headed home (they may have recently seen the bird as there was a report on birdguides that it was seen there at that time, but this has subsequently disappeared from birdguides so they may not have seen it after all.) I made a quick stop for food and as I reached the M11 a mere 20 mins from home the car overheated broken water pump and the AA came and towed me home. - So not the best of days really.
Subsequent analysis the car is dead, so I need to go car shopping.

Scott's, Bilbrough Top - Sausage, mushy peas, pickled egg and Chips 8/10.

Friday 10th - Toad Crossing.


With the mild damp evenings the toads were out in force on the toad crossing this week, along with a few frogs. I ran the moth trap one evening only two moths a hebrew character and a March moth. A soprano pipistrelle feeding one night was my first bat of the year, one of many I hope.

Tuesday 7th - Crackers on the Coast.

Pallid Harrier Pallid Harrier

With such nice weather I took the afternoon off and headed to Norfolk. I arrived at a field near New Holkham where the pallid harrier was showing although not that close. It showed at distance for 30 mins or so before it was lost to view. I waited for a little while watching the hares, a red kite and a marsh harrier before heading to Holkham. The sky was alive with skylark song as I wandered along the beach looking for the shore larks. They had just been flushed by dog walkers but I picked a spot in front of their path and sat down, and they duly walked right past me, as they moved away I got up and headed back to the car without disturbing them at all. I popped into Wells for the brent geese and some chips before heading back to the pallid harrier, but no further sign so I headed home.

French's, Wells - Fish and Chips 7/10.



Sunday 26th - Big Mac and Pieds.

Goshawk Pied Wagtails

I rolled over when the alarm went off but eventually dragged myself out of bed was out the door at 8am, the weather was good so I headed to the Brecks for Goshawks. I stopped outside the Lakenheath airbase for a stoat running along the fence line, I stopped ahead of it camera ready but it cut across the road behind me and disappeared into a hedge, a good start to the day and it was worth getting up for, but better was yet to come. A goshawk was displaying as I arrived and at least 5 were present off and on the 2.5 hours I spent there. Their displays were superb, one perched in a tree for a while, but the real highlight was a pair chased low into the field in front of us several times showing very well. I popped to Santon Downham to have a look for Lesser spotted woodpeckers but only heard it calling from the other side of the river, some honeybees were nesting in a tree hole and was a sign of spring. I braved Lyndford which was packed with families, a couple of hawfinches were in the trees above the feeders but they never came down to join the bramblings and siskinís, a few spots of rain made me head back to the car and headed to Cotessey Mc Donalds where the pied wagtails were starting to congregate. At first a few dozen but it quickly became 150 or so when behind me another 150 arrived and before long it built to 700 or so and eventually they settled in the bushes by the drive through and I headed for home after popping inside.
Mc Donalds, Costessey - Nuggets and Chips 6.5/10.

Friday 24th - Burwell Bits and Bobs.

Roe Deer

Having to work on Saturday, I finished early afternoon and took a walk round Burwell Fen, with most of the owls gone there was almost no one there. The sun was shining and it was idyllic until three motorbikes who rode through the site mid-afternoon. There was a good raptor showing, two short eared owls, and 2 barn owls, several kestrels, 4 buzzards, a marsh harrier and a merlin. Plenty of roe deer and a few hares, 2 whooper swans and about a dozen white fronted geese of note before I headed home.
Rumbles, Exning - Sausage and Chips 8/10.

Thursday 23rd - The Week that was.

Silver Y

A few bits locally this week, not been anywhere but incidental sightings to and from work, a barn owl, Muntjac, brown hare, roe deer I ran the moth trap one night and had three species, brown house moth, silver y and ??.

Sunday 19th - Breckland Bits

Bank Vole Bank Vole

The brecks seemed to miss the good weather today as I started the day at a rather dull Lackford lakes. Plenty of common species around including some redpoll and siskin, common snipe, shelduck, grey wagtail and nuthatch but the highlight was a bank vole showing well at the feeding station. After a couple of hours I headed into the Brecks and drove round looking for hares of which several were located but I bumped into a mixed finch / bunting flock. It contained lots of brambling along with chaffinch, linnet, reed bunting and yellowhammer and I spent quite a bit of time waiting for some good photo opportunities. Time had got away from me and by the time I reached the Goshawk site I had missed the main event, but I had a brief view of one as I arrived, but nothing else. I headed upto The Nar Fisheries and after a little walk I located the great Northern Diver but no sign of the smew but a couple fo redhead goosander were present. I headed back into the Brecks for another drive round a few hares, roe deer and muntjac before calling it a day.

Mother Hubbards, Swaffham - Fishcake, Onion rings, pickled egg and Chips 7/10

Thursday 16th - Ely Exotics

Glossy Ibis

It was a beautiful day so I finished early and headed to Ely, however the weather was now overcast and a few spots of rain appeared. But despite this I found the glossy ibis along the river but it looked a bit dull in the poor light, but it was my 100th animal photographed in my 365 project. I popped to the sewage works and eventually got a brief view of the siberian chiff chaff. No visit to Ely is complete without some muscovy ducks and I easily located 30 or so along the river in the centre of town.

Alan's Fish Bar, Ely - Saveloy and Chips 7.5/10

Tuesday 15th - Starling Seconds


I could not resist another look at the starlings, the weather was a little better so I managed to find the pre murmuration site. A nice flock of 40 or so linnets while I waited for the main event. The starlings put on a great show well worth a second look.

Monday 13th - Blustery Burwell


I had the afternoon off and after lunch I took a wander round. I had all afternoon so took the long route round Burwell Fen. Its was very cold and incredibly windy which did not suit the birds, apart from Kestrels. The white fronted geese were still around with a lone whooper swan. Mammalwise a few roe deer a brown hare. As dusk arrive a brief short eared owl but a real quiet day.

Rumbles, Exning - Sausage and Chips 8/10.

Saturday 11th - Lincs Lovelies

Having to work on Sunday I dragged myself out of bed and headed into a cold morning as dawn broke I arrived at Woodwalton Fen which was cold, misty and sleeting / snowing ideal wildlife watching conditions. I headed into the reserve and quickly came across a water vole diving into its hole, I waited for 20 mins but it did not come out, however a fox shot past me chasing a squirrel. A few Chinese water deer and a couple of muntjac, a flock of redpoll, sparrowhawk, buzzard and a couple of marsh harriers on my wander round. On the north part of the reserve I encountered a large section (almost 20% of the reserve) which was closed off for breeding birds. No I am no expert but as the snow came down in early February I struggled to work out what birds were breeding at the moment! With a large part of my route cut off I headed back to the car spotting another fox on the way. I headed up to Deeping High Bank for the Great Grey Shrike, which showed quite nicely I was stopped by a passing car who asked if the shrike was still present which I confirmed, and they said "we will pop back after seeing the bluethroat" I asked for more info and a quick google and I was less that 10 miles away from the site and before long I was watching a bluethroat, perhaps it is breeding season after all. It showed well off and on for a while and I had to go and warm up in the car. I headed back to Deeping High Bank where the Great White Egret and Long tailed Duck and a couple of Scaup were together showing nicely. I popped to Crowland for a late lunch before popping to the Ouse Washes for an hour. Mostly common stuff but plenty of tree sparrows are always nice to see. Some swans and two barn owls and a herd of roe deer on the way home made a nice finish to the day.

Frydays, Crowland - Just Chips 6/10.

Thursday 9th - Mummerings


I finished work a little early and headed to a local murmeration of starlings in Isleham. It was freezing cold and dull and overcast but the starlings started to build up and put on a good show. As I was leaving a car covered in guano stopped and asked if it was better viewing where I was? I chuckled, they had parked right under the displaying birds.

Deep Blue, Newmarket - Saveloy, Pea fritter and Chips 7.5/10.

Monday 6th - Garage Mice

Wood Mouse

With activity in the garage noticed once again the longworths were deployed and a wood mouse was caught overnight. And later in the week two more all rehomed at the edge of the village. Several local Fallow deer and a fox at the edge of the village.

Sunday 5th - Broad Beans

Tundra Bean Goose Hooded Crow Corvid Roost

Keen to get out and about I headed to the Broads through thick fog, but as I arrived it lifted and turned into a nice day. I quickly located the tundra bean geese in a pink footed flock I managed to count about 70 birds but soem of the flock was out of view and later counts were over 100. Very nice to see. Filby Broad was up next where the red necked grebe was even more distant than the Grafham water bird. I took a wander finding a kingfisher and some goldeneye but not much else. I headed to Mautby for the hooded crow, but it was out of view and the adult iceland gull flew just as I got my scope on it, but a couple of med gulls were worth the stop. I headed to the Waxham area but not much about aso it was on to Hickling Broad. This was a bit quiet but a hooded crow was a bonus and a couple of bearded tits and a bumblebee made the walk worth the effort. I headed to Strumpshaw which was full of noisy famalies but the hide eventually emptied and I had nice views of marsh harriers and a kingfisher. My last stop was Buckenham Marshes for the corvid roost, but not before a wander round to see the large number of ducks, mostly wigeon and a nice barn owl. The corvid roost was spectacular and with the nice sunset it made a cracking end to the day.

Star Fish Bar, Norwich - Burger, pea fritter and Chips 8/10.

Saturday 4th - D500 Cometh!

Collared Dove

A nice relaxing day getting to grips with my new Nikon D500 camera, still plenty of new features to work out but had some success in the garden.



Tuesday 31st - Torched


Don't tell the wife but recently I recently purchased a new toy, I was after a powerful but small handheld torch and after some research I purchased a Olight x7 Marauder - not cheap when you chuck in two sets of rechargable batteries. Max output is 3000-9000 lumens with a 300m throw and the performance is excellent and it only weighs 500g with batteries. I have tested it a couple of times, but not spotted much wildlife with it yet, apart from a muntjac in the garden on Monday night.

Saturday 28th - Blandford Beauties


I headed to Blandford, arriving a little later then planned and two large cub otters were present at the black bridge. They headed downstream eventually meeting up with their mother and all three performed nicely in the early morning sunlight for almost an hour. I bumped into Farnborough John as I was leaving. I headed to Arne which was a big mistake clearly Winterwatch had inspired the noisy masses to decend and it was a living hell and I quickly found sika and spoonbill before giving up and headed off. I popped into Holton Heath which was much quieter and I had a pleasant walk in the warm sunshine. I tried for the Lesser Yellowlegs at Lychett Bay but all I could find of note were a couple of Green Sandpipers . I moved onto Tidpit where I found the raven preroost and watched as they headed off to roost out of sight and I called it a day.

Ringwood Fish Bar, Ringwood - Burger, pea fritter and Chips 7/10.

Saturday 21st - The Frozen North

Great White EgretCattle Egret

I headed to the North of Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire today, starting off at Woodwalton Fen, where a large part of the reserve was in thick mist, I almost bumped into a Chinese Water Deer in the mist it was so thick. It was quiet a few redpoll, a couple of water rails and a kingfisher 3 water deer and a couple of muntjac. I headed back to the car along the river and spotted an otter slip into the river, the only water not frozen solid. But it vanished under the vegitation in front of me. I crossed the bridge and staked out the area and although it did show again it was only incredibly briefly and I headed off to Market Deeping. The small flock of scaup were easily spotted as was the great white egret but the long eared owls were a bit trickier and pretty much obscured. A quick stop to pick up lunch which I ate at Eldernell where a nice kingfisher and the cattle egret was still present. I headed to the Ouse Washes a few flocks of swans were encountered on the way but were all distant. The Ouse washes had some nice tree sparrows but nothing else of note apart form a barn owl as I was leaving at dusk.

Chippy Sue's, Whittlesey - Battered burger, pea fritter and Chips 9/10.

Tuesday 17th - Thetford Tips up some Gulls

Glaucous Gull

I had a few hours this afternoon to pop to Thetford to see the selection of gulls on offer. A caspian was showing as I arrived but all the gulls were very mobile and it took a little while for the Glauc to settle but it showed quite well off and on. The Iceland was more elusive but eventually dropped in. During the wait we had a yellow legged as well as the common species a total of 8 species on show. With a little light left I headed to Bury St Edmunds, at ASDA the waxwings were just leaving as I arrived. I followed their general direction towards the leisure centre and Council offices but no sign, only redwings and woodpigeons but they made my 50th species photographed.

Saturday 14th - Garden Stuff

Brown Rat

I had a day at home as I have to work on Sunday, but the garden was busy mostly with blackbirds, but plenty of garden birds and grey squirrel and a brown Rat also put in appearance. I caught another house mouse in my garage. I let the mouse go and had a nice red kite go over.

Thursday 12th - Garage Goody

House Mouse

A couple of Brown Hares this week and some activity in my garage was a house mouse, which was easliy caught in one of my longworths. A fox in my garden this evening was a pleasing sight. A local buzzard several rabbits at work worth a mention this week.

Fish and Chick n, Sawston - Battered Sausage and Chips 7/10.

Sunday 8th - Foggy Fowlmere


I was at Fowlmere RSPB for first light, if you could call it that conditions were similar to yesterday and the two fallow deer herds encountered were barely visible in the mist. The muntjac were really skittish probably due to the deer shooting happening on the reserve, and I could not manage a decent photo both due to this and the conditions. It eventually cleared a little and a nice mixed tit flock with goldcrest and treecreeper allowed a few photos. The light had now improved and I headed to Letchworth for a quick look at the black grey squirrels a couple showed nicely. A quick look at Clifton pond for the rather striking drake pintail before returning to Cambridge where the waxwings were still present and they showed briefly a couple of times before I headed for a late lunch.

Fish and Chick n, Sawston - Battered Sausage and Chips 7/10.

Saturday 7th - Woeful Woodwalton

Lesser Redpoll

I decided on Woodwalton Fen for todays foray, but almost wish I had not bothered, as the visibility was terrible but I did get a barn owl on the way. Chinese water deer were scarce and skittish, a muntjac and two grey squirrels. Birdwise the highlite was a large flock of redpoll with at least one mealy redpoll and two bitterns in the mist. After lunch I headed to grafham water where I found the red necked grebe, a couple of bewick's swan and some bulfinches, a distant great northern diver but little else and I called it a day.

Churchill's, Bar Hill - Saveloy and Chips 8/10.

Wednesday 4th - Blowy Burwell

Short Eared Owl

With work being quiet after the Christmas break and the light being good, I popped out for a few hours this afternoon and headed to Burwell Fen, via the chip shop. It was bitterly cold and quite windy, it was quiet, stonechat and a few whooper swans and white fronted geese, but eventually 3 short eared owls did appear for a bit of feeding before dusk.

Rumbles, Exning - Battered Sausage and Chips 8/10.

Monday 2nd - Lakenheath

Stoat Bearded TitWater Rail

I was in a quandary as where to go for my first outing of the year and in the end I decided to stay local and kick off my photography project. I was at a bitterly cold Lakenheath RSPB for before dawn and spent 10 mins in my car to allow the light to improve before braving the -4 C temperatures. It was quiet but I did manage a couple of photos of a muntjac. I headed to the hide and on the path ahead was a stoat I got a few photos but it kept its distance and the light was not great, but it did pass through a patch of sun briefly for a reasonable photo. It dived into the reeds and I saw it briefly once more before losing it. The hide's pool was frozen so I headed to Joist Fen where I could hear cranes bugling. The cranes were out of sight but bearded tits were everywhere and allowed for some nice photos. I could not locate the cranes but some redshank and little egrets on the river were nice, but the redshank eluded the camera. I was about to visit the wash for ducks and the great white egrets but the wildfowlers opened up and messed up that plan. I took a general wander saw some nice stonechats and some common birds and a nice water rail by the visitor centre but nothing else of note and as dusk fell I headed for the car. I stopped here as thousands of starlings came over in several waves and headed to the far end of the reserve and I headed for home.
No Chips - Shops Closed Today.

Friday 1st - Home

Happy New Year, I had a lazy day at home, grey squirrel and brown rat started the mammal list off, I have two projects this year, to see 50 UK mammal species again for the 10th year in a row and also to photograph 365 UK animal species, you can see how I get on with the lists on the sidebar.

2016 Review


Pine Marten

Another good mammal year with some amazing encounters again some fantastic Wild Boars and brilliant encounter with a Pine Marten in Scotland were highlights. But local common seals, weasels and Nathusius' Pipistrelle were worth mentioning . A total of 53 species in total (all photographed) which makes the 9th year in a row exceeding 50 species and 2017 I will try again for 50 species to make 10 years in a row.


Siberian Accentor

Another average bird year with 227 species seen including a great trip to the Bass rock to see the Gannet colony and the masked wagtail and isabelline wheatear both showed very well although in very different weather conditions. New species include Blue rock thrush, Siberian Accentor American white winged scoter, Forsterís tern, Western Purple Swamphen

Other Wildlife and Trips

Catachol Whitebeam Rock Speedwell

Following up on my other areas of interest I had a great year with some nice Ladybirds, Moths, Whitebeams and Speedwells. Highights were a couple of clearwings raspberry the highlight. Some very rare whitebeams including a trip to Arran for the three endemic ones there, only 4 whitebeams to go now. Rock and American speedwell were great to see and I saw the Sawfly orchid although well past its best. Trip wise Israel, South Africa and Tenerife produced an excellent range of species both mammals and birds, highlights blue crane, black rhino, cheetah, leopard, wolf, jungle cat, striped hyena, black footed cat, aardvark to name a few. An excellent day trip to Holland for the Siberian Rubythroat and friends was also worth mentioning.

Catch up with the 2016 blog


Upcoming Trips

  • Sri Lanka - April 2018
  • Scotland - July 2018
  • My Flickr Photos


    2017 Targets

  • Green when seen
  • Motley's Whitebeam
  • Broken Belted Bumblebee
  • Cryptic Bumblebee
  • Llangollen Whitebeam
  • Alpine Speedwell
  • Corsican Speedwell
  • Thrift Clearwing
  • Ladybird Spider
  • Red Tipped Clearwing
  • Six Belted Clearwing
  • Orange Tailed Clearwing
  • Chiltern Gentian
  • Yarrow Broomrape
  • Purple Toothwort
  • Toothwort
  • 2017 UK Mammal List (Target 50)

    Green when photographed

  • 1 - Grey Squirrel
  • 2 - Brown Rat
  • 3 - Muntjac
  • 4 - Stoat
  • 5 - Roe Deer
  • 6 - Chinese Water Deer
  • 7 - Fallow Deer
  • 8 - Rabbit
  • 9 - Brown Hare
  • 10 - House Mouse
  • 11 - Red Fox
  • 12 - Otter
  • 13 - Sika
  • 14 - Wood Mouse
  • 15 - Water Vole
  • 16 - Bank Vole
  • 17 - Soprano Pipistrelle
  • 18 - Red Deer
  • 19 - Common Shrew
  • 20 - Weasel
  • 21 - Noctule
  • 22 - Harbour Porpoise
  • 23 - Wild Boar
  • 24 - Harvest Mouse
  • 25 - Red Squirrel
  • 26 - Feral Goat
  • 27 - Common Pipistrelle
  • 28 - Barbastelle
  • 29 - Hedgehog
  • 30 - Badger
  • 31 - Beaver
  • 32 - Lesser Horseshoe Bat
  • 33 - Mole
  • 34 - Pygmy Shrew
  • 35 - Field Vole
  • 35 - Bottle Nosed Dolphin
  • 36 - Grey Seal
  • 37 - Common Seal
  • 38 - Mountain Hare
  • 39 - Edible Dormouse
  • 40 - Common Pipistrelle
  • 41 - Daubenton's Bat
  • 42 - Whiskered Bat
  • 43 - Nathusius pipistrelle
  • 44 - Brown Long Eared Bat
  • 45 - Serotine
  • 46 - Yellow Necked Mouse
  • 47 - Feral Pony
  • 48 - Greater Horseshoe Bat
  • 49 - Natterer's Bat
  • 50 - Leisler's Bat
  • Target Acheived

    365 Animal Species Photo Project

    365 Animal Gallery

  • 1 - Muntjac
  • 2 - Stoat
  • 3 - Bearded Tit
  • 4 - Little Egret
  • 5 - Mute Swan
  • 6 - Stonechat
  • 7 - Reed Bunting
  • 8 - Greenfinch
  • 9 - Goldfinch
  • 10 - Great Tit
  • 11 - Chaffinch
  • 12 - Water Rail
  • 13 - Robin
  • 14 - Starling
  • 15 - Roe Deer
  • 16 - Kestrel
  • 17 - Cormorant
  • 18 - Whooper Swan
  • 19 - Black Headed Gull
  • 20 - Short Eared Owl
  • 21 - Chinese Water Deer
  • 22 - Bittern
  • 23 - Gadwall
  • 24 - Red Kite
  • 25 - Lesser Redpoll
  • 26 - Jay
  • 27 - Pheasant
  • 28 - Greylag Goose
  • 29 - Coal Tit
  • 30 - Blue Tit
  • 31 - Mallard
  • 32 - Fallow Deer
  • 33 - Long Tailed Tit
  • 34 - Treecreeper
  • 35 - Goldcrest
  • 36 - Rook
  • 37 - Grey Squirrel
  • 38 - Pintail
  • 39 - Moorhen
  • 40 - Waxwing
  • 41 - House Mouse
  • 42 - Blackbird
  • 43 - Brown Rat
  • 44 - Glaucous Gull
  • 45 - Greater Black Backed Gull
  • 46 - Herring Gull
  • 47 - Feral Pigeon
  • 48 - Caspian Gull
  • 49 - Iceland Gull
  • 50 - Redwing
  • 51 - Woodpigeon
  • 52 - Wren
  • 53 - Teal
  • 54 - Scaup
  • 55 - Goosander
  • 56 - Goldeneye
  • 57 - Buzzard
  • 58 - Great WHite Egret
  • 59 - Fieldfare
  • 60 - Cattle Egret
  • 61 - Tree Sparrow
  • 62 - House Sparrow
  • 63 - Dunnock
  • 64 - Wigeon
  • 65 - Barn Owl
  • 66 - Otter
  • 67 - Kingfisher
  • 68 - Grey Heron
  • 69 - Song Thrush
  • 70 - Carrion Crow
  • 71 - Chaffinch
  • 72 - Sika
  • 73 - Spoonbill
  • 74 - Goldfinch
  • 75 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
  • 76 - Jackdaw
  • 77 - Green Sandpiper
  • 78 - Raven
  • 79 - Collared Dove
  • 80 - Egyptian Goose
  • 81 - Pink Footed Goose
  • 82 - Tundra Bean Goose
  • 83 - Red Legged Partridge
  • 84 - Common Gull
  • 85 - Mediterranean Gull
  • 86 - Coot
  • 87 - Hooded Crow
  • 88 - Marsh Harrier
  • 89 - Shoveler
  • 90 - Marsh Tit
  • 91 - Lapwing
  • 92 - Wood Mouse
  • 93 - Great Grey Shrike
  • 94 - Bluethroat
  • 95 - Long Tailed Duck
  • 96 - Little Grebe
  • 97 - Stock Dove
  • 98 - Bewick's Swan
  • 99 - Shelduck
  • 100 - Glossy Ibis
  • 101 - Canada Goose
  • 102 - Pied Wagtail
  • 103 - Common Snipe
  • 104 - Bank Vole
  • 105 - Rabbit
  • 106 - Siskin
  • 107 - Grey Wagtail
  • 108 - Nuthatch
  • 109 - Brown Hare
  • 110 - Brambling
  • 111 - Yellowhammer
  • 112 - Linnet
  • 113 - Great Northern Diver
  • 114 - Great Crested Grebe
  • 115 - Pale Brindled Beauty
  • 116 - Silver Y
  • 117 - Goshawk
  • 118 - Pallid Harrier
  • 119 - Oystercatcher
  • 120 - Meadow Pipit
  • 121 - Shore Lark
  • 122 - Curlew
  • 123 - Skylark
  • 124 - Redshank
  • 125 - Brent Goose
  • 126 - Common Toad
  • 127 - Common Frog
  • 128 - Hebrew Character
  • 129 - March Moth
  • 130 - Bullfinch
  • 131 - Common Newt
  • 132 - Great Crested Newt
  • 133 - Midwife Toad
  • 134 - Small Quaker
  • 135 - Twin Spot Quaker
  • 136 - Chestnut
  • 137 - Clouded Drab
  • 138 - Common Quaker
  • 139 - Early Grey
  • 140 - Grey Plover
  • 141 - Black Tailed Godwit
  • 142 - Magpie
  • 143 - Avocet
  • 144 - Little Ringed Plover
  • 145 - Dunlin
  • 146 - Black Brant
  • 147 - Ruff
  • 148 - Buff Tailed Bumblebee
  • 149 - Bloody Nosed Beetle
  • 150 - Chiff Chaff
  • 151 - 10 Spot Ladybird
  • 152 - Red Chestnut
  • 153 - Early Thorn
  • 154 - Double Lined Pug
  • 155 - Powdered Quaker
  • 156 - Dark Chestnut
  • 157 - Black Sexton Beetle
  • 158 - Common Plume
  • 159 - 22 Spot Ladybird
  • 160 - Rosemary Beetle
  • 161 - Hawthorn Shieldbug
  • 162 - Red Grouse
  • 163 - Tawny Minig Bee
  • 164 - White Stork
  • 165 - 7 Spot Ladybird
  • 166 - Blackcap
  • 167 - Brimstone
  • 168 - Drinker
  • 169 - Grasshopper Warbler
  • 170 - Peacock
  • 171 - Small Tortoiseshell
  • 172 - Red Eared Terrapin
  • 173 - Water Vole
  • 174 - Green Veined White
  • 175 - Black winged Stilt
  • 176 - Slow Worm
  • 177 - Ring Necked Duck
  • 178 - Rhyzobius litura
  • 179 - Long Eared Owl
  • 180 - 24 Spot Ladybird
  • 181 - Cetti's Warbler
  • 182 - Corn Bunting
  • 183 - Mandarin
  • 184 - Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
  • 185 - Tree Pipit
  • 186 - Pine Ladybird
  • 187 - Striped Ladybird
  • 188 - Sedge Warbler
  • 189 - Tawny Pinion
  • 190 - Common Lizard
  • 191 - Speckled Wood
  • 192 - Large Red Damselfly
  • 193 - Adder
  • 194 - Dark Edged Beefly
  • 195 - Common Carder Bee
  • 196 - Red Fox
  • 197 - Poplar Grey
  • 198 - Chocolate Tip
  • 199 - Lesser Swallow prominent
  • 200 - Black Necked Grebe
  • 201 - Mistle Thrush
  • 202 - Ring Ouzel
  • 203 - Sand Martin
  • 204 - Red Deer
  • 205 - Wheatear
  • 206 - Red Tailed Bumblebee
  • 207 - Yellow Wagtail
  • 208 - Whitethroat
  • 209 - Southern Cuckoo Bumblebee
  • 210 - Common Tern
  • 211 - Dotterel
  • 212 - Swallow
  • 213 - Garden Warbler
  • 214 - Willow Warbler
  • 215 - Common Carpet
  • 216 - Orange Tip
  • 217 - Noctule
  • 218 - Soprano Pipistrelle
  • 219 - Brimstone Moth
  • 220 - Nightingale
  • 221 - Cinnebar Moth
  • 222 - Speckled Yellow
  • 223 - White Tailed Bumblebee
  • 224 - Red Brested Flycatcher
  • 225 - Whinchat
  • 226 - Common Swift
  • 227 - House Martin
  • 228 - Turnstone
  • 229 - Common Sandpiper
  • 230 - Red Crested Pochard
  • 231 - Dipper
  • 232 - Pied Flycatcher
  • 233 - Dingy Skipper
  • 234 - Grizzled Skipper
  • 235 - Small Copper
  • 236 - Wild Boar
  • 237 - Treecreeper
  • 238 - Firecrest
  • 239 - Green Longhorn
  • 240 - Woodlark
  • 241 - Great Reed Warbler
  • 242 - Green Woodpecker
  • 243 - Garganey
  • 244 - Hawfinch
  • 245 - Wood White
  • 246 - Common Blue
  • 247 - White Ermine
  • 248 - Spectacle
  • 249 - Orange Swift
  • 250 - Green Carpet
  • 251 - White Shouldered House Moth
  • 252 - Greenshank
  • 253 - Privet Hawkmoth
  • 254 - Harvest Mouse
  • 255 - Chough
  • 256 - Rock Pipit
  • 257 - Razorbill
  • 258 - Guillemot
  • 259 - Red Squirrel
  • 260 - Feral Goat
  • 261 - Edible Frog
  • 262 - 2 Spot Ladybird
  • 263 - Wood Warbler
  • 264 - Scymnus suturalis
  • 265 - Cream Spotted Ladybird
  • 266 - Banded Demosille
  • 267 - Common Mayfly
  • 268 - Small Heath
  • 269 - Small Blue
  • 270 - 14 Spot Ladybird
  • 271 - Rhyzobius litura
  • 272 - Common Wainscot
  • 273 - Common Swift
  • 274 - Elephant Hawkmoth
  • 275 - Buff Ermine
  • 276 - Common Footman
  • 277 - Heart and Dart
  • 278 - Flame
  • 279 - Mottled Pug
  • 280 - Eyed Hawkmoth
  • 281 - Poplar Hawkmoth
  • 282 - Flame Shoulder
  • 283 - Hebrew Character
  • 284 - White Point
  • 285 - Triple Spotted Clay
  • 286 - Treble Lines
  • 287 - Snout
  • 288 - Silver ground Carpet
  • 289 - Poplar grey
  • 290 - Peppared Moth
  • 291 - Marbled minor
  • 292 - Magpie
  • 293 - Light Emerald
  • 294 - Clouded Silver
  • 295 - Rustic Shoulder knot
  • 296 - Large Nutmeg
  • 297 - Epinotia bilunana
  • 298 - Brown Rustic
  • 299 - Mottled Rustic
  • 300 - Small Square Spot
  • 301 - Scarce Chaser
  • 302 - 16 Spot Ladybird
  • 303 - White-bodied Conch
  • 304 - Red Tipped Clearwing
  • 305 - Plum Tortrix
  • 306 - Common Pipistrelle
  • 307 - Barbastelle
  • 308 - Hedgehog
  • 309 - Anania perlucidalis
  • 310 - Blood vein
  • 311 - Black Tailed Skimmer
  • 312 - Brown Trout
  • 313 - Burnished Brass
  • 314 - Cinnebar Moth
  • 315 - Peregrine
  • 316 - Common Marbled Carpet
  • 317 - Ghost Moth
  • 318 - Ingrailed Clay
  • 319 - Large Yellow Underwing
  • 320 - Light Brown Apple Moth
  • 321 - Oak Eggar
  • 322 - Red Admiral
  • 323 - Shears
  • 324 - Small Dusty Wave
  • 325 - Timothy Tortrix
  • 326 - Straw Dot
  • 327 - Garden Pebble
  • 328 - Black Crowned Night Heron
  • 329 - Early Bumblebee
  • 330 - Scorched Wing
  • 331 - Poplar Grey
  • 332 - Plain Golden Y
  • 333 - Green Pug
  • 334 - Garden Carpet
  • 335 - Mottled beauty
  • 336 - Scymnus Haemorroidalis
  • 337 - Asparagus Beetle
  • 338 - Elegant Tern
  • 339 - Tansy Beetle
  • 340 - 4 Spot Chaser
  • 341 - Azure Damselfly
  • 342 - Badger
  • 343 - Little Owl
  • 344 - Silver Studded Blue
  • 345 - Lesser horseshoe Bat
  • 346 - Broken Belted Bumblebee
  • 347 - Dark Green Fritillary
  • 348 - Marbled White
  • 349 - Meadow Brown
  • 350 - Banded Demosielle
  • 351 - Guillemot
  • 352 - Razorbill
  • 353 - Gannet
  • 354 - Puffin
  • 355 - Fulmar
  • 356 - Kittiwake
  • 357 - Moss Carder Bee
  • 358 - Barred Straw
  • 359 - Bird Cherry Ermine
  • 361 - Clay
  • 362 - Drinker
  • 363 - Ruby Tiger
  • 364 - Small Waved Umber
  • 365 - Swallowtailed Moth
  • Target reached
  • 366 - Turnip Moth
  • 367 - Wainscot Neb
  • 368 - White Satin Moth
  • 369 - V Pug
  • 370 - Epinotia bilunana
  • 371 - Scarce Footman
  • 372 - Scalloped Oak
  • 373 - Lesser Cream Wave
  • 374 - Ribband Wave
  • 375 - Pale Prominent
  • 376 - Brown Line Bright Eye
  • 377 - Beautiful Hooktip
  • 378 - Pine Hawkmoth
  • 379 - Goat Moth
  • 380 - Horehound Longhorn Moth
  • 381 - Currant Clearwing
  • 382 - Painted lady
  • 383 - Bedstraw Hawkmoth
  • 384 - Scymnus frontalis
  • 385 - Comma
  • 386 - Euzophera pinguis
  • 387 - Bee eater
  • 388 - Caspian tern
  • 389 - White Plume
  • 390 - Speckled bush Cricket
  • 391 - Small Scallop
  • 392 - Shaded broad Bar
  • 393 - Nut tree Tussock
  • 394 - Mottled umber
  • 395 - Miller
  • 396 - Lackey
  • 397 - Grey Dagger
  • 398 - Fanfoot
  • 399 - Endotricha flammealis
  • 400 - Early Thorn
  • 401 - Dun bar
  • 402 - Cream Wave
  • 403 - Crassa unitella
  • 404 - Coronet
  • 405 - Codling Moth
  • 406 - Chinese Character
  • 407 - Batia lunaris
  • 408 - Agapeta hamana
  • 409 - Least Carpet
  • 410 - Scymnus interruptus
  • 411 - Scymnus femoralis
  • 412 - Adonis Ladybird
  • 413 - Dark Fruit Tree tortrix
  • 414 - Carcina quercana
  • 415 - Wormwood Pug
  • 416 - Small Skipper
  • 417 - Green Carpet
  • 418 - Dusky Pearl
  • 419 - Soldier Beetle
  • 420 - Silky Wainscot
  • 421 - Pygmy Shrew
  • 422 - Beaded Chestnut
  • 423 - Limespeck Pug
  • 424 - Knot grass
  • 425 - Hedya salicella
  • 426 - Field Vole
  • 427 - Common Rustic
  • 428 - Common Shrew
  • 429 - Dusky Sallow
  • 430 - Yellow tail
  • 431 - Tree Lichen beauty
  • 432 - Six Belted Clearwing
  • 433 - Rufous Minor
  • 434 - Lunar Pinion
  • 435 - Oak Hooktip
  • 436 - Kent Dark Arches
  • 437 - Gatekeeper
  • 438 - Heart and Dart
  • 439 - Clouded Border
  • 440 - Large Fruit Tortrix
  • 441 - Brown Tail
  • 442 - Marmalade Hoverfly
  • 443 - Lesser Emperor
  • 444 - Reed Warbler
  • 445 - Stone Curlew
  • 446 - Common Darter
  • 447 - Small Red Eyed Damselfly
  • 448 - Spotted Flycatcher
  • 449 - Osprey
  • 450 - Two Banded Longhorn Beetlw
  • 451 - Mountain Hare
  • 452 - Ptarmigan
  • 453 - Green Arches
  • 454 - Iron Prominent
  • 455 - Satin Lutestring
  • 456 - Purple Clay
  • 457 - Coxcombe Prominent
  • 458 - Common Hawker
  • 459 - Common Emerald
  • 460 - Welsh Wave
  • 461 - Common Lutestring
  • 462 - Satin Beauty
  • 463 - Shaded Broad Bar
  • 464 - Freyer's Pug
  • 465 - True Lovers Knot
  • 466 - Pine Carpet
  • 467 - Barred Red
  • 468 - Larch Ladybird
  • 469 - Mountain Pearl
  • 470 - Bishops Mitre Shieldbug
  • 471 - Cloaked Minor
  • 472 - Black Rustic
  • 473 - Ghost Spider
  • 474 - Lesser Common Rustic
  • 475 - Gold triangle
  • 476 - Orange Ladybird
  • 477 - Pyrausta aurata
  • 478 - Lesser Stag Beetle
  • 479 - Ingrailed Clay
  • 480 - Narrow Winged Pug
  • 481 - Dotted Carpet
  • 482 - Udea olivalis
  • 483 - Treble Brown Spot
  • 484 - Small Clouded Brindle
  • 485 - Semioscopis avellanella
  • 486 - Rustic
  • 487 - Square Spot Rustic
  • 488 - Lagria hirta
  • 489 - Dusky Brocade
  • 490 - Dusky Lemon Sallow
  • 491 - Common Marble
  • 492 - Cherry Fruit Moth
  • 493 - Brown Spot Pinion
  • 494 - Lychnis
  • 495 - Nutmeg
  • 496 - Uncertain
  • 497 - Toadflax Brocade
  • 498 - Syndemis musculana
  • 499 - rhyzobius chrysomeloides
  • 500 - Platynaspis luteorubra
  • 501 - Turnip Moth
  • 502 - Small Square Spot
  • 503 - Shears
  • 504 - Argyresthia goedartella
  • 505 - Coccidula scutellata
  • 506 - Coccidula rufa
  • 507 - Aphthonia nonstriata
  • 508 - Northern White Tailed Bumblebee
  • 509 - Cryptic Bumblebee
  • 510 - Northern Damselfly
  • 511 - Southern Migrant Hawker
  • 512 - Tawny Owl
  • 513 - Grey Seal
  • 514 - Bottle Nosed Dolphin
  • 515 - Migrant Hawker
  • 516 - Brown Argus
  • 517 - Chalkhill Blue
  • 518 - Common Eider
  • 519 - Shag
  • 520 - Black Guillemot
  • 521 - Crested Tit
  • 522 - Golden Ringed Dragonfly
  • 523 - Common Seal
  • 524 - Whiskered Bat
  • 525 - Common Pipistrelle
  • 526 - Nephus redtenbacheri
  • 527 - Daubenton's Bat
  • 528 - Twin Spot Plume
  • 529 - Six Striped Rustic
  • 530 - Rhyzobius forestieri
  • 531 - Rhyzobius lophanthae
  • 532 - Dark Brush Cricket
  • 533 - Adonis Blue
  • 534 - Nathusius pipistrelle
  • 535 - Sermylassa halensis
  • 536 - Long WInged Conehead
  • 537 - Frosted Orange
  • 538 - Hornet
  • 539 - Nephus quadrimaculatus
  • 540 - Stripe Winged Grasshopper
  • 541 - Old Lady
  • 542 - Gold Spot
  • 543 - Dewick's Plusia
  • 544 - Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer
  • 545 - Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
  • 546 - Bright-Line Brown-Eye
  • 547 - Brown Long Eared Bat
  • 548 - Serotine
  • 549 - Clouded Yellow
  • 550 - Queen of Spain Fritillary
  • 551 - Wall Lizard
  • 552 - Mouse Moth
  • 553 - Pale Eggar
  • 554 - Hummingbird Hawkmoth
  • 555 - Wasp Spider
  • 556 - Centre Barred Sallow
  • 557 - Narrow-winged Grey (Eudonia angustea)
  • 558 - Mottled Grasshopper
  • 559 - Woodchat Shrike
  • 560 - Little Stint
  • 561 - Devil's Coach Horse
  • 562 - Red Necked Phalarope
  • 563 - Leach's Petrel
  • 564 - Rainbow Trout
  • 565 - Lunar Underwing
  • 566 - Nettle Tap
  • 567 - Lesser Yellow Underwing
  • 568 - Straw Underwing
  • 569 - Mole Cricket
  • 570 - Yellow Necked Mouse
  • 571 - Southern Oak Bush Cricket
  • 572 - Red Throated Pipit
  • 573 - Scops Owl
  • 574 - Red Necked Grebe
  • 575 - Cedar Waxwing
  • 576 - Greater Horseshoe Bat
  • 577 - Natterer's Bat
  • 578 - Dartmoor Pony
  • 579 - Mallow
  • 580 - Large Wainscot
  • 581 - Merveille du Jour
  • 582 - Green Brindled Crescent
  • 583 - Feathered thorn
  • 584 - Ashy Button
  • 585 - Deep Brown Dart
  • 586 - November Moth
  • 587 - Red Green Carpet
  • 588 - Leisler's Bat
  • 589 - White Rumped Sanpiper
  • 590 - Unarmed Stick insect
  • 591 - Yellow Line Quaker
  • 592 - Rusty Dot Pearl
  • 593 - Sprawler
  • 594 - Brick
  • 595 - Scarce Bordered Straw
  • 596 - Eyed Ladybird
  • 597 - Parent shieldbug
  • 598 - Sparrowhawk
  • 599 - Parrot Crossbill
  • 600 - Coue's Arctic Redpoll
  • 601 - Winter Moth
  • 602 - Penduline Tit

  • 2017 Bird Race

    No Particular Order

  • 1 - Little Grebe
  • 2 - Great Crested Grebe
  • 3 - Fulmar
  • 4 - Northern Gannet
  • 5 - Atlantic Gt Cormorant
  • 6 - Eurasian Bittern
  • 7 - Little Egret
  • 8 - Grey Heron
  • 9 - Glossy Ibis
  • 10 - Spoonbill
  • 11 - Mute Swan
  • 12 - Whooper Swan
  • 13 - Pink-footed Goose
  • 14 - White-fronted Goose
  • 15 - Greylag Goose
  • 16 - Canada Goose
  • 17 - Barnacle Goose
  • 18 - Dark-bellied Brent Goose
  • 19 - Egyptian Goose
  • 20 - Shelduck
  • 21 - Mandarin
  • 22 - Eurasian Wigeon
  • 23 - Gadwall
  • 24 - Common Teal
  • 25 - Mallard
  • 26 - Northern Pintail
  • 27 - Northern Shoveler
  • 28 - Red-crested Pochard
  • 29 - Northern Pochard
  • 30 - Tufted Duck
  • 31 - Common Eider
  • 32 - Common Scoter
  • 33 - Red Kite
  • 34 - Marsh Harrier
  • 35 - Common Buzzard
  • 36 - Kestrel
  • 37 - Hobby
  • 38 - Peregrine
  • 39 - Red-legged Partridge
  • 40 - Grey Partridge
  • 41 - Common Pheasant
  • 42 - Golden Pheasant
  • 43 - Water Rail
  • 44 - Corncrake
  • 45 - Moorhen
  • 46 - Coot
  • 47 - Common Crane
  • 48 - Oystercatcher
  • 49 - Black-winged Stilt
  • 50 - Pied Avocet
  • 51 - Stone Curlew
  • 52 - Little Ringed Plover
  • 53 - Ringed Plover
  • 54 - Grey Plover
  • 55 - Lapwing
  • 56 - Red Knot
  • 57 - Sanderling
  • 58 - Dunlin
  • 59 - Ruff
  • 60 - Common Snipe
  • 61 - Woodcock
  • 62 - Black-tailed Godwit
  • 63 - Bar Tailed Godwit
  • 64 - Whimbrel
  • 65 - Common Curlew
  • 66 - Common Redshank
  • 67 - Greenshank
  • 68 - Wood Sandpiper
  • 69 - Common Sandpiper
  • 70 - Ruddy Turnstone
  • 71 - Mediterranean Gull
  • 72 - Black-headed Gull
  • 73 - Common Gull
  • 74 - Lesser Black-backed Gull
  • 75 - Herring Gull*
  • 76 - Yellow-legged Gull
  • 77 - Caspian Gull
  • 78 - Great Black-backed Gull
  • 79 - Kittiwake
  • 80 - Sandwich Tern
  • 81 - Common Tern
  • 82 - Little Tern
  • 83 - Feral pigeon
  • 84 - Stock Dove
  • 85 - Woodpigeon
  • 86 - Collared Dove
  • 87 - Turtle Dove
  • 88 - Common Cuckoo
  • 89 - Barn Owl
  • 90 - Tawny Owl
  • 91 - Common Swift
  • 92 - Kingfisher
  • 93 - Green Woodpecker
  • 94 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
  • 95 - Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
  • 96 - Woodlark
  • 97 - Skylark
  • 98 - Sand Martin
  • 99 - Barn Swallow
  • 100 - House Martin
  • 101 - Tree Pipit
  • 102 - Meadow Pipit
  • 103 - Yellow Wagtail
  • 104 - Grey Wagtail
  • 105 - Pied Wagtail
  • 106 - Wren
  • 107 - Dunnock
  • 108 - European Robin
  • 109 - Rufous Nightingale
  • 110 - Common Redstart
  • 111 - Whinchat
  • 112 - Stonechat
  • 113 - Northern Wheatear
  • 114 - Blackbird
  • 115 - Song Thrush
  • 116 - Mistle Thrush
  • 117 - Cetti's Warbler
  • 118 - Grasshopper Warbler
  • 119 - Sedge Warbler
  • 120 - Reed Warbler
  • 121 - Lesser Whitethroat
  • 122 - Common Whitethroat
  • 123 - Garden Warbler
  • 124 - Blackcap
  • 125 - Common Chiffchaff
  • 126 - Willow Warbler
  • 127 - Goldcrest
  • 128 - Firecrest
  • 129 - Spotted Flycatcher
  • 130 - Red-breasted Flycatcher
  • 131 - Pied Flycatcher
  • 132 - Bearded Tit
  • 133 - Long-tailed Tit
  • 134 - Marsh Tit
  • 135 - Coal Tit
  • 136 - Blue Tit
  • 137 - Great Tit
  • 138 - Nuthatch
  • 139 - Common Treecreeper
  • 140 - Eurasian Jay
  • 141 - Black-billed Magpie
  • 142 - Western Jackdaw
  • 143 - Rook
  • 144 - Carrion Crow
  • 145 - Common Starling
  • 146 - House Sparrow
  • 147 - Tree Sparrow
  • 148 - Chaffinch
  • 149 - Greenfinch
  • 150 - Goldfinch
  • 151 - Siskin
  • 152 - Linnet
  • 153 - Lesser Redpoll
  • 154 - Bullfinch
  • 155 - Yellowhammer
  • 156 - Reed Bunting
  • 157 - Corn Bunting

  • The Chip Count

    Chips 59
    Fish Cake 1
    Fish 4
    Battered / Sausage 15
    Battered / Burger 7
    Nuggets 1
    Saveloy 6
    Spring Roll
    Pickled Egg 4
    Cheese and Onion Fritter 3
    Baked Bean Fritter 1
    Mushy Peas / Fritter 17
    Spam Fritter 4
    Haggis 2
    Macaroni Pie 1
    King Rib 1
    Onion Rings 3
    Ice Cream 21
    Parmo 1

    2016 Total
    Chips 62
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