Hayle Railway

The hayle railway was opened in 1837, it was just over 17 miles long and had 4 inclines. They did carry passerngers started in 1843, it did not prove very sucessful as the inclines proved dangerous and slow. The inclines on the main line were by passed in 1852 and passengers travelled on this route.

Portreath harbour

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What other cove can boast of once having two railways? The need for an efficient transport system for the vast amounts of mineral ore and coal passing between the local mines and Portreath Harbour resulted in the building of the Portreath to Poldice tramway, in 1809. It was a horse-drawn railway and the first in Cornwall. Towering above the village is also the great incline of the Portreath branch of the Hayle Railway, erected in 1838. This too was a mineral line linking the mines of Camborne and Illogan with the harbour. A stationary steam engine once moved trucks up and down its steep face whilst its network of rails fanned out along the quaysides. Today it is possible to follow the routes of both railways, the former a pleasant walk along the wooded tram-way in the sheltered valley leading to the cove.

Whole Incline Whole Incline Bridge Bridge Bridge Bricked Up botton of Incline Top of incline

Penponds Incline

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Tresavean Incline

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Angarrack Incline

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