Steep Holm

NGR ST230610

A winched railway up a very steep gradient of 1 in 0.66, used to bring in guns and ammunition to the top of the island. Steep holm is an island in the Bristol Channel.

Steep Holm Military Railway, 1' 11 1/2" - located on Steep Holm Island in the Bristol Channel off Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Built 1941, closed late 1944, to install and service anti aircraft and naval guns on the island to resist invasion as a potential base for attack on the mainland through the Somerset levels. Rails fixed to metal sleepers rumoured to have been stored from WW1, a cable operated inclined railway 2/3 mile long in three separate sections, following an existing zig zag walking path and rising to a height of about 256 feet (78m) above sea level. Gradient 1 in 2/3. Each section had a reversing station with points and a diesel equipped winch house.