Highgate Hill Cable Tramway

NGR Upper Stn TQ280880, Lower stn TQ294869

It was opened in May 1884. It ran from the Archway Tavern to Southwood Lane most of the line was double tracked although some was single-tracked. The track was 3'6" gauge with a constantly moving cable in a conduit, the cars had grippers that could be engaged or disengaged by the tram drivers. There were 11 cars that served on the lines a mixture of single deck, double deck and open cars. The line closed in 1892 after an accident and the line was sold to a new concern shortly after due to financial difficulties. The tramway was converted to overhead electrical power in 1909, the cable trams were scrapped.

The cable house was situated at the top of the hill on the east side of the High-street

Cable Tram

Reproduced with the kind permission of Hornsey Historical Scociety

Old Postcard