Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway

Opened 31 August 1842
Closed 1960s There were two cable hauled lines on this network.

Canal Street (Edinburgh)

NGR NT260 740

This station is now buried under Waverley Market and Waverley station. The station had curving platforms from the north to the west and a junction was formed with the lines running east-west through Waverley station which faced west. A cable was used to haul trains along a tunnel to Scotland Street station. The original name of this station was Princes Street.

Scotland Street station.

NGR NT254747

This was the original southern terminus of the line within Edinburgh. The line was later extended South to Canal Street (by today's Waverley station). Today the site of the station goods yard is a playground and the platform area has been leveled and made into parkland. The portals of the tunnels at either end of the station can still be very clearly seen. Trains were hauled along the tunnel to Canal Street by cable.

The tunnels still exist at the north end of Scotland St, they flank either side of the playground.

South Tunnel South Tunnel South Tunnel North Tunnel