Dundee and Newtyle Railway

This railway pre-dates Stephenson’s Rocket and the Rainhill trials, but has received little general recognition. It was originally constructed to 4ft 6 in gauge with rope-worked inclines, but was in due course converted to standard gauge and the rope working eliminated. There were three inclines in total. It opened in December 1831 with only one of the inclines fully working, the stationary engines on the others were finished later, and horses were used on these inclines until march 1832 when the railway was fully completed.

Hatton Incline

1025 yards in length at 1 in 13

Hatton Incline

NGR NO300410

Balbeuchy Incline

A 1 in 25 gradient, 1700 yds long reaching the high point of the railway.

Balbeuchy Incline

NGR NO360380

Law incline

Law Incline

1060 yds with a gradient of 1 in 10, 330 yds of it was in a tunnel, steam hauled rope incline.

NGR NO400305

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