Chard canal

There were four inclines, Thornfalcon, Wrantage, Ilminster and Chard common. They were constructed between 1841 and 1842. The Chard common incline used a carriage, the other three used traditional caissons (six wheeled).


NGR ST280240

28' rise, 1:8 gradient , this is on private property and I was unable to visit it, but remnents of the incline still exist.


NGR ST310220

This can easily be visited and the incline can easliy be seen, there is an information board here. 27.5' rise 1:8 gradient.

Wrantage Wrantage Wrantage Wrantage


NGR ST356142

This incline still survives and is easily accessible, walling still survives in the lower basin, twin incline used with a continous cable, 82.5' rise, 1:9 gradient.

Ilminster Ilminster Ilminster Ilminster Ilminster

Chard common

NGR ST340100

Easliy accessible, but the remnents not particularly well defined, this was a single track incline, it was water powered. At the top of the incline it had to travel down a little and a different set of wheels on the same axle of different gauge was used to transport the carriage down. 86' rise.

Chard Chard Chard Chard