Bude Canal

There were six inclines on this canal, they differed from most other canal inclines by having tubs with wheels to allow them to move up the incline. All closed in 1891.

Marhamchurch Incline

NGR SS220030

120' rise, 836' long.

Hobbacott Down Incline

NGR SS250040

225' rise largest in world only beaten by a Russian incline in 1960's, water wheel powered, used a well shaft with a container of water decending into it to lift a boat, it was 935' long.

Venn Incline

NGR SS280070

58' rise and 500' long.

Merrifield Incline

NGR SS270040

60' rise and 360' long.

Tamerton Incline

59' rise and 360' long.

NGR SX330950


NGR SX340900

51' rise and 259' long.