Greenwood Forest Park

NGR SH533671

A short double incline used at Greenwood Forest Park to raise the roller coaster empty cars to the start of the ride. The passengers weight provides the energy to lift the train. The wheels are unflanged but a central T rail acts as a guide to keep the train on track and is used for braking. It was constructed in approx. 2004 by WGH transportation Engineering of Doncaster.

Many thanks to Mark Hambly for the info

A Carriage A Carriage A Carriage Rollercoaster Carriage Rollercoaster Carriage A Carriage A Carriage A Carriage A Carriage Cables

The Stats
Date Opened approx. 2004Length ? m
Gradient 1:2.35Track Gauge 1750 mm
Number of Cars 2Open to Public Yes
Funicular Type CounterbalancedTrack layout Twin Track
Power Source Human PoweredRailway Status In Use

* - Variable (max gradient reported)