Funicular / Incline Books

The Definitive Guide to Trams (Including Funiculars) in the British Isles. David Voice. Adam Gordon, 2005. ISBN 1-874422-48-6

This is the latest book and covers all the funiculars very well, however this book also covers trams and is a must if you are interested in any of these subjects. This excellent book covers tramways and preserved trams, is well illustrated and very well researched, well worth the 20 price.

The Definitive Guide to Trams

Funicular Railways. John Woodhams. Shire, 1989. ISBN 0-7478-0040-5

A good guide but now a bit dated and does not include all the modern funiculars but has good sections on inclines and the theory of inclines and funiculars, urgently needs updating.

Funicular Railways

Cliff Railways of the British Isles. Keith Turner. Oakwood Press, 2002. ISBN 0 85361 594 2

A well upto date book, well researched, with lots of photographs well worth 11.95

Cliff Railways of the British Isles

100 Years at Shipley Glen. M J Leak.

Shipley Glen Book
An extensive history of Shipley Glen Tramway the pics could be a little better but the content is excellent, well worth 2, available from the tramway.