Mock Ups and Spoof Figures

Paddy Power

A modification of the Uffington White Horse to advertise Paddy Power ahead of the Cheltenham Festival.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power Video


A CGI hillfigure to advertise Plusnet Broadband.

Pukka Pies

A CGI hillfigure to advertise Pukka Pies

Pukka Pies

Temporary Remembrance Hillfigure

A temporary addition to the Fovant Badges.

Dulux Dog Hillfigure

An advert from 1982 depicting a Dulux dog.

Does anyone know anything about the Blue Peter Hillfigures are they real or computer generated?

Blue Peter LogoBlue Peter Logo

Thanks to the sender of these photo's

Hillfigures in the news again, this time a mock up using sheets on the side of the M3 near Basingstoke. It was previously used near the M62 in Bradford. Its message is to promote Lamb.

Sheep Sheep

Awaiting permission from the BBC to use these pictures Long Man / Woman of Wilmington

What Not to Wear

Photo with kind permission of Sussex Express Newspapers

Homer Meets the Cerne Abbas Giant


But he is not the first

Lynx Effect!

Enough trouble so he is on his bike

On yer Bike

Thanks to Ian James for the above two pics

Or cover his modesty

What to Wear

For the Gatwick Locals

Builth Against Closing Hospitals

Mini Advert

A mock up of a Mini on a hillside used to advertise the mini in a brochure.

Mini Advert

Redstone Advert

A Computer generated hillfigure used as an advert by Redstone Telecom and is reproduced here with their permission

The hillside picture was shot separately to the hill carving, which was set up and shot in a studio. This was then superimposed on the hillside and touched up for authenticity

Redstone Advert

The Long Man of Billingdon

This is a spoof hill figure in the made up town of Billingdon, some garb about it can be found on

Long Man of Billingdon Long Man of Billingdon

The Grey Man

John Major

Photo reproduced with kind permission from Ross Parish

The Vitrivius Man

Vitrivius Man

Photo reproduced with kind permission from Ross Parish

The Giantess

As a piece of experimental fieldwork by students from Bournmouth University, resulted in the creation of a temporary Giantess next to the Cerne Abbas Giant for two days 10-11 July 1997.

Aerial Photo of the Giantess

Eden Project

Eden Project Eden Project

Mock Ups at the Eden Project Cornwall