Woolbury Cross

The Woolbury Horse has been cleared and partially restored, a full restoration is in the pipeline.

General Information

National Grid Ref SU 381 3481 (approx)

The cross was built a few yards from the main Winchester road by Woolbury Ring. However this was lost in 1944.


Very little is known about this cross or the horse nearby, it was made before 1846, crudely constructed of rough flints painted white. These are pushed lightly into the ground to form the shape of a cross. Local legend says that this cross marks the spot where a farmer called Wigmore was killed, and his horse carried on to the site of the Woolbury horse where it died and the White horse was constructed to commemorate this. Another legend states that it was made to commemorate the a highwayman who prowled the area. However local legends are usually subject to distortion and this story is probably far from the real reason for the construction of the cross and horse.