Sri Lanka Fox

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An image of a Fox with the year 1913 underneath, and the letters CR or GR above, in the old postcard, but HMS Fox is added to the figure you can see on google maps. Information from here
Many Thanks to Justin Lakey for the information.

The Boer War occurred in South Africa between Great Britain and the Dutch colonist of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State in the years 1899-1902. As a result the British transferred many of their prisoners to various countries and colonies under their domain in South and South East Asia. One of these countries that they brought their prisoners too was Sri Lanka (Ceylon). A batch of these prisoners is believed, was brought in the ship "HMS FOX" On one such occasion, when the HMS FOX had docked in Ceylon the Captain and the crew having come to Diyatalawa in 1913 had struck up the idea of having their ships insignia displayed on a hillock in Diyatalawa.

The Captain and the crew of HMS FOX having gone up the hillock, had been able to get the Boers to assist them to place white stones to depict a FOX and below it the name of the ship HMS FOX followed by the year 1913.

This gave rise to the particular hill being called the Fox Hill and to this day this hillock is called the Fox Hill.

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