Modern Australian Geoglyphs

A series of figures mowed into crops by students of Charles Sturt University, School of Science and Technology New SOuth Wales, Australia.


Based on the surrounding districts' cropland characteristics it was decided to use a pasture paddock that had a predominance of Patersons Curse in it. Patersons Curse is classed as a weed across Australia so finding a farmer willing to let us cut a pattern into it was easily arranged. As well Patersons Curse has a distinctive purple flower that contrasts well with the surrounding vegetation. This was important as the students had to decide on what would give the best contrast between cut and uncut vegetation or would it be best to plow soil. It was 500m wide.

Australia Map


The class of 1999 learned from their predecessors and set out to tackle a much larger much more complex geoglyph. A Giant Wallaby stretching over 1 km from the tip of the tail to the toe. This Wallaby was to be a form of support for our 1999 world cup winning Rugby Union team during the actual competition. This year the geoglyph was to be cut into a Canola crop to acheive a green and gold finish.



Here you can see the giant goanna in the paddock. It is about 1.2 km long from tail to nose. The Wagga suburb of Estella is on the left-hand side and the Olympic way is in the top of the picture.