Bulford Kiwi

General Information

National Grid Ref SU 200 439

Aerial Pic

A large figure, in the shape of a Kiwi. (Faces right) on the gentle slope of Beacon Hill just above Bulford Camp. It is in good condition and well looked after and fenced in, constructed of mainly 6-10" pieces of chalk although some is compacted. The RHS has recently been rewhitened, the LHS chalk is discoloured. It is 420’ high, beak 150’ long and NZ letters are 65’ high, the chalk is about 12" deep.


The kiwi was constructed to commemorate the now gone Sling camp’s First World War New Zealand Troop occupation (Feb-March 1919.) This was carried out by the New Zealand Canterbury Battalion Engineers from a design drawn by Percy Blenkarne. The kiwi was looked after by the Kiwi polish Co for a while as an advert, it was covered during WWII particularly important considering its proximity to the military camp. The kiwi was neglected and was nearly lost in the 70s and 80s but was restored in 1986. There is a memorial plaque on the site unveiled in 1986. The kiwi is now attended to annually.



Photos From a Distance

The Kiwi from a Distance The Kiwi from a Distance

Aerial Photo

Memorial Plaque

The memorial plaque

Close Up Photos

The Kiwi head The Kiwi Foot The NZ letters

An old Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo


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