Charlton Wyvern

In Conjunction with the Charlton Wyvern Construction Team

Due to many factors the project has been cancelled, even the army was unable to help.

General Information

Details are sketchy as yet but the figure will be an outline of a Wyvern (Mythical Creature, 2 winged and 2 legged). The relevance to the area is that the Wyvern is the emblem of the 43rd (Wessex) infantry division, their regiment is not represented at Fovant Down.

The size is going to be approx. 200ft by 100 ft, and it is to be cut onto the 30 degree slope of Cleeve Hill, near the village of Charlton, Wiltshire. The planning application has been approved and work has begun. The hillside has been marked out into a grid (see photo below) into which the drawing will be transposed bit by bit.

National Grid Ref SU 105 559


The Wyvern was adopted as the symbol of the 43rd (Wessex) infantry division in 1935.


Location Map of the Charlton Wyvern


The Original Plan


Planning on the Hill

Planning on the Hill