Devizes White Horse Construction

In Conjunction with the Cavaliers of the Devizes Millenium White Horse


New years Eve saw the time capsule laid under the horse, Peter Dew and Richard Pearce of Pearce Civil Engineering again gave their help towards the ceremony of during the time capsule and the floodlighting of the horse. The timecapsule was donated by Wessex Water and Rev. Brian Tigwell, John Girvan and Dr Paul Robinson assembled the time capsule with lots things of local interest. The capsule was buried at noon by Margaret Saunders (widow of Keith) and her son during a ceromony with Noel Woolrych (Mayor of Devizes) Viv Alexander (Parish Council Chairman), Rev Brian Tigwell and the committee members.

Time capsule

The horse was floodlit from dusk till dawn during the millennium turn over, and could be seen from a great distance. It was quite spectacular.

The Floodlit Horse

It was with great sadness that Keith Saunders of Pearce Civil Engineering passed away on Christmas Eve. Keith was the prime mover in Pearce's offering us the unparalleled and unstinting help in the construction of the Devizes Millennium White Horse. He was on the site during the construction with Vernon Few in all weathers. He will be greatly missed and a memorial seat on the site is planned.


Rev Brian Tigwell gave a dedication during the Time capsule Ceremony


Initial letter to the press - 			Aug 1998
Setting up of working group -			7 Dec 1998 
Planning application -  			19 Mar 1999
Planning permission granted -  			29 Apr 1999
Setting up of committee and constitutions -	6 Jul 1999
Main survey points sited -  			31 Jul 1999  
Pegging-out of the outline -  			28 Aug 1999 
Cutting the outline of the horse - 		18 and 19 Sept 1999.
Pearce Civil Engineers on site - 		20 to 29 Sept 1999.
Completion - 		 			Wed 29 Sept 1999. 
Burial and Dedication of the Time Capsule       31 December 1999
Flood-lighting of the White Horse - Millennium Eve
(by Pearce Civil Engineering Ltd)


Peter T. Greed - (Chairman, Project Manager and Designer)
John Markwell - (Vice chairman and Publicity)
Derek Elliott - (Treasurer)
Sarah Padwick - (Instigator and Secretary)
Alan Truscott - Sarsens Housing Association (Surveying)
Keith Saunders - Pearce Civil Engineers - (Engineering on site)
Rev Brian Tigwell - (Timecapsule)
Donna Hutchinson - ('Cavaliers' membership secretary)
Dot Williams - Tourism and Finance Officer, Wiltshire County Council.
Chris Combe - tenant farmer.

Community groups participating in cutting the outline :
Devizes Army Cadet Corps Platoon
Devizes Fire Brigade, Devizes Girl's Brigade
Devizes and Mid Wilts Scout Group
Sarsen Housing Association
Schools - Bishop Cannings CE Primary
Dauntsey's School
St. Peters CE Primary

Mechanical excavation : Vernon Few

Construction of the Horse

The Author Cutting the Outline of the Horse Close up of the Head Close up of the Tail

The Horse during construction, courtsey of the Wiltshire Police Helicopter Ambulance.

Aerial View During Construction

The site before cutting.

View of the Site

View of the Site