September 1999

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Recent Event Reviews

Tom's B'Day

A few ex-Salford hiking Club Members joined us to celebrate Tom's Birthday in Llangammarch Wells and they soon became SHOT members. Here is their version of the weekend's events: 'Having failed our first navigational exercise, to find the pub, we were rescued by Tim who took us to meet up with Tom 'Today I will mostly be wearing Lowe Alpine' Gibbs for his birthday (1 month previous!) jaunt in the Brecon Beacons.

On Saturday we got up later than on any SUHC trip... and they reckon the students are the lazy ones! Six of us set out on a walk up to the ridge along Fan Brycheiniog. Having climbed a staggering 400 metres, Mark 'I didn't come here to walk' Stevenson sat down and refused to move for half an hour. When we finally managed to persuade him to continue, we hiked up for a further half an hour in torrential rain before being scared back into the pub by the thunder and lightning. An enjoyable night was spent losing at cards to Charlotte 'Can you tell me the rules one more time... I'm not a hustler honest!' Jolly!

On Sunday we put our lives in to Penny 'I know where I am' Weal's hands for a short linear walk along the river.. Where was the river???? After walking for several hours through some very nice gardens we arrived at the pub for the second half of the footie to enjoy Chris 'Gillingham are going to win' Turton suffering as Gillingham threw away a 2-goal lead and proceeded to lose on penalties. Returning to playing cards - the awe inspiring Boys V's Girls 'Play Your Cards Right' series - eventually finished with a resounding victory for the girls!!'

All in all a great weekend... many thanks to Tom for arranging it!

Justine + Zoe

Mashy's B'Day

To ring in his thirty years Mike organised a weekend in mid Wales. We were promised a weekend of surprises and that's exactly what we got.. The first surprise was the weather, a rare sunny weekend where brightly coloured shorts blossomed and bloodshot eyes could justifiably be hidden behind dark glasses. The second surprise was that a group of grown men and women could pretend to be dwarves, giants and wizards with so much conviction. (You had to be there!) The third surprise (one for the boys) was a stripper who made several fleeting appearances as she dashed to and from a private stag do in one of the pub lounges. Of course, it was no surprise that 'The Boys' played pool all night long , Gus was too hung-over to walk on the Saturday, the new recruits outshone us all in walking and drinking, and Mashy ended up in the river. It was also no surprise that a good time was had by all.

Postcards from the East

Well, here I am! Not online yet, but I hope to get sorted within a couple of weeks. We were flown out business class (very nice) then had a two day orientation. The hotel is very plush but the lifts couldn't cope with 1300 of us. Sweltering hot weather - over 30C during the day and humid too. My flat is in a great location - midway between the entrance to Hilcone Castle (a National Treasure) and the station. Unfortunately I have to go to school each morning despite it being the middle of summer holidays. The teachers all seem nice but most of them have pretty limited English. I am told that the kids are a mixed bag - friendly but not academic or just don't want to be there at all and are completely disinterested.



Lynne has now settled in Japan. Congratulations to Chris and Rachel who have decided to marry in September. Don't expect an invite to the wedding as they are flying off to tie the knot. Welcome to Zoe, Justine and Donna who recently joined SHOT. Former members of the University Hiking Club they will now add some young blood to SHOT. Due to the 'Boys Only' trips which have secretly been taking place there is now to be a 'Girls Only' trip - date and location top secret.

The Last Word.

Friendship's the wine of life. Edward Young.

True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice. Ben Jonson.