May 1999

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Welcome to the new look SHOT newsletter with your news and views.

Thank you Lynne.

It wouldn't be right to send out this newsletter without thanking Lynne. We have all appreciated the work which she has done for us in the last few years of organising the Newsletter and address sheet and now that I've temporarily taken over the everyday tasks of running the club I can appreciate the hard work that she has put in. On behalf of everyone in the club we all wish you every success in Japan and look forward to reading all about your time there in future editions of the newsletter.

Your Newsletter

Remember, this is your Newsletter so please send me your articles about recent trips or details of forthcoming ones as well as anything else you want to share with everyone. Also, don't forget the Website at Contact Mark H if you have any pictures or articles you would like to add to the site.

Recent Event Reviews

The Howgills Both new faces and old ones could be found in the White Lion Pub during the March trip to Kirby Stephen in the Howgills. There was also no fighting for beds in the spacious Youth Hostel which had been converted from a former Methodist church. Several walks took place on the Saturday with the usual extremes of a Gus 25 mile trek to my daisy picking stroll along the river. There were also two pub walks, one to the tan hill where a pint was well and truly earned and another where more time was spent exercising the right arms than the long legs. The highlights of the weekend were the local Blue and Yellow Macaws perched in a tree by the river and Chris Musson's attempt to stay upright! On Sunday those of us not having to drive back to the far reaches of Britain headed to Sedburgh in search of a castle and ended up finding a lot of schools instead. Luckily there was a tea shop serving all day breakfasts and how Chris Musson managed to eat it surprised us all.


To celebrate the Big Three Zero, Chris T organised a trip to Widdecombe in the Moor over the Easter weekend. Luckily the dismal Dartmoor drizzle could not put a dampener on the weekend's walking but the calories burnt off during the day were soon put back on with an evenings drinking. With the beach so near by it was not long before we hit the coast with a steamy ride on Thomas the Tank Engine, cricket in the sand and good old fish and chips high on the priorities.. As usual with Bank Holiday trips there were the inevitable casualties. A friendly game of football left Mashy nursing bruised shins and there were sore heads from the low beams in the hostel as well as the copious amounts of alcohol lined up in the kitchen. The hostel owner, John Earle, gave us a fascinating slide show one evening on his varied career as a television presenter, film cameraman, mountaineer and Nepal trek leader. It was an inspiring talk which is likely to have a few SHOT members heading for bigger and bolder hills in the future.

1999 - 2000 Subs

Yes it will soon be that time of year again when I shall be hassling you all for your subs money. I notice that some committed members have already paid but for those of you who have not yet thought beyond the next SHOT trip please put aside some money for next time you see me or pop a cheque in the post. The cost is 3 (or 5 for a couple at the same address). The SHOT year runs from September to August so please make sure you pay me over the summer.

Where does the money go?

Well firstly it pays for the production and distribution of the quarterly Newsletter - printing, envelopes and stamps. Then it is used to place deposits on accommodation for future SHOT trips and to subsidise some of those trips. It also pays for the tea, coffee and sugar which is provided on trips. Then there are extras such as a cricket set and hostel guides.


Lynne will be off to Japan in July to teach English for a year. Good Luck Lynne. We look forward to hearing about your time there in future newsletters As one member leaves for Japan another arrives back. After three years away Darren is now back and is now based in Southampton where he has a research post at the University. We have had news from Kay who is presently out in Kosovo working in the Refugee camps there. Mark, Karen and Thomas are settling into their new southern surroundings. Mark is enjoying his new job despite the distraction of his office overlooking the runway! Caroline is proposing a trip to Arran in May 2000 and would like to gauge the level of interest so please contact her if you would like to go.

The Last Word.

It is good to collect things, but it is better to go on walks. Anatole France (1844-1924) French Novelist