June 2000

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Howdy there, and welcome to your all-new trip sheet.

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting us yet, we are Donna and Justine and we are the new editor/finanace managers for the club, I as you may have gathered am the editor.

We are both relatively new to the club (compared to most of you old timers), but come highly recommended from Penny, and we do have lots of experience. I believe between us we have covered every position in the Unversity hiking

Club, and had lots of satisfied members between us! (Just ask Justine about that one!)

Well, I am sure I will meet those of you I havenít in due course, in the mean time please enjoy your quarterly newsletter, feeling free to contribute to it at any time what so ever.

Please remember:

THIS IS YOUR NEWSLETTER (so use it or you will just get me waffling on to fill space!!)




October 13-14th

Parkend, Forest of Dean

Enjoy the autumnal colours of twenty million trees in the Royal Forest of Dean. We have booked Fountain lodge a luxurious bunkhouse conveniently attached to the Fountain Inn in the heart of the forest.

The accommodation comprises of 4 bunkhouses (of 4,5,9 &12 beds, making it ideal for family groups), showers, TV-video, Barbecue area, kitchen and all for the bargain price of £8 a night. Breakfast can be ordered from the pub next door!

We have to have a minimum of 22 people so the plan is to allocate the two smaller rooms to family groups. Send Gustav a £5 deposit to secure a bed or room.

See the note later about the cheese evening to be held on this trip

Xmas Dinner 2000

Friday 17th- Monday 20th November


Brief details only available, but the Xmas dinner this year will be in Milan. Mark needs definite names (no maybes), in the next couple of weeks, so that he can book the flights.

The flight will cost £85 return inc., if booked shortly

No accommodation is booked yet, and further details are to follow. Contact Mark Hows, Tim, or Chris Turton if you want to go.

The New Year Trip

Kinlochleven, Scotland

Wednesday 27th December - Tuesday 2nd January 01

The next New Year trip is now booked, we have got 20 beds with the option of up to 27. The venue is the Blackwater Hostel, Kinlochleven

It appears to be a very luxurious bunkhouse with en-suite bathrooms and TVs in each dorm, so we can all suffer that hangover in style, in bed! And not feel compelled to visit duck ponds instead, unlike last year!!

Walking will no doubt consist of Mamores, Glen Coe, and even Nevis is only up the road (a New Years Day must, unless of course we find a suitable duck pond/pub to visit instead).

The cost is £10 a night; so if you would like to go, please send your name to Mike. I believe he is not looking for actual deposits until September.



Any other trips going on?

I have heard rumours of numerous trips that may be happening in the summer. If you are organising a trip just email me the details and I will add it all in the next newsletter. If you are booking a trip, it maybe a good idea to send me the details so I can check dates of trips donít clash

Dates for the Diary

October 13-14th, Parkend Forest of Dean

Nov 17th-20th, Milan, Xmas Dinner

Dec 27th- Jan 2nd, Kinlochleven, Blackwater Hostel




The Grapevine

This section I intend to use for general information, exciting news, new members etc, so if you have anything to contribute, please get in touch.

  • A ĎCheese Clubí is to be formally started on the next offical SHOT trip. Read into this what you will! For those of you left in the dark, we are to bring the finest cheeses, wines/port and have a civilised tasting session. So donít forget to bring your supplies, and lets hope we donít end up with 20 cheddars


  • We have had interest from some now ex-members of the Uni hiking club, so hopefully we should have some new faces in the club within the next few months
  • Zoe has asked me to let you know that she has purchased a YHA group card, so if anyone wants to book any YHA accommodation just let either myself or Zoe know

Farewell Hiking Commrades

Well there it is the Summer Newsletter. Please feel free to now send me trip detailís etc.

Please could you check that your address/email details are correct.

The next Newsletter will be due for release in late September, so plenty of time to send me info.

Email: donna_chambers@buckfoods.co.uk

Or of course you can visit the web site


Contact Mark Hows if you have any articles or pictures you would like to add to this site

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