February 2000

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T Shirts for 2000

Interested in a new T-shirt?

Over the next month I will gather information from various companies and see what's on offer. While I'm doing this I would like to offer you all the chance to design a new motif for the club. You may decide for something futuristic to take us into the new Millennium or maybe you want to return to an old favourite. Let me know what you wishes are and I will publish them with the next newsletter for voting to take place.

It is important that anyone who is interested in buying a T-shirt lets me know because if there is not enough interest then it will not be feasible.

P.S. I am hoping that we can order children's sizes!!

Millennium Reunion

Salford University are organising a Millennium Reunion Weekend and as a party of SHOT members went to the University annual dinner a few years ago, they thought they would invite us to their latest party. Further details will be in the April issue of the alumni magazine. It will take place on 9/10 September. If anyone would like further details They can contact Hilary Levine, Alumni Relations Manager The University of Salford, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4WT, United Kingdom Tel: + 44 (0)161 295 5909 Fax: + 44 (0)161 295 5496 http://www.salford.ac.uk/alumni/

Recent Event Reviews

Christmas Trips

Iceland and New York

In a drunken stupor during the 1998 Christmas dinner in Paris someone (I forget who) suggested that the following year we should go one better and visit New York. However, what was supposed to be a weekend shopping trip somehow became a 9 day expedition. Iceland Air were cheap and gave the opportunity to stop off at Reykjavick. The first night we discovered just how expensive this city could be with a traditional meal (no-one could quite stomach the puffin!) and beer at £4 a pint. During next few days we became tourists visiting craters, geysers, fissures and a very large, wet and cold waterfall. There were also art museums, churches with lifts, a Volcano Show, Chinese Restaurants, Irish Bars, Nightclubs, American Air Force Pilots (my own private discovery) and raw fish for breakfast. New York, with its high rise buildings and busy streets could not have been more different. There was a cheap fast food-joint on every corner and Chris Musson guided us to plenty of local pubs. We were joined in NY by Andrea and her boyfriend Philip and after buying a city pass we headed out to climb the tallest buildings, wander around art museums and squeeze through submarine doors (not something for the claustrophobics amongst you). Thanksgiving Day brought us the Macy's Parade with huge inflatable cartoon characters and colourful floats. Unfortunately umbrellas were required which hampered Chris Turton's photography and blocked the view for the shorter members. As an alternative to Christmas dinner we decided to book a Thanksgiving meal of Turkey and pumpkin pie.

A revolving restaurant on the 40th floor of the Marriot Hotel seemed like a suitable location and although the meal was superb, the view was hampered by thick fog. It was on this evening that a plan was formed for the next Christmas Expedition. Milan was deemed to be a suitable location for Xmas 2000 so if you are interested start saving now. All that needs to be said now is thank you to Chris T, Mark H and Tim for organising the flights and accommodation, and if anyone wishes to volunteer to organise next years trip, I am sure the boys would be most grateful.


Mexican Waves in Kendal

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the sombreros were being dusted off and cacti rounded up for a Mexican Meal in Kendal. Some people travelled quite a distance to celebrate in Wilf's café, which played host to this unusual Christmas Dinner . On the menu were such dishes as Christmas Salad and Bread of the Dead!

I am reliably informed that certain people from Sheffield, who are not often seen without a bottle of wine on a Saturday night, forgot to 'Bring their Own'! However, I am assured that supplies were quickly sought.

Strange as it may seem for such a social weekend, a walk was organised for the Saturday near Ambleside culminating in the obligatory trip to a tea shop for soup and cake!

Accommodation for the weekend was kindly supplied by Andy and Mandy (and Mandy's Mum), and I have been asked by many of the members to thank them for organising a great weekend.

Braemar New Year 2000 - The Millennium Edition

The thought of the breakdown of civilised society as we know it prompted 30 people and Emily to flee to Braemar in order to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime Millennium New Year Trip. Accompanying the usual suspects were a number of strains of flu and chest infections which meant that the village pharmacy did a roaring trade, and saw Mark Hows in frighteningly sober mood for much of the week!

For those who were fit enough, the week produced some pretty good weather for both skiers and walkers. There was plenty of snow around for most of the week, and the clouds stayed high enough most days to get some great views of the Southern Cairngorms. The walks ranged from visiting the local duck pond (where Emily managed to catch a couple of ducks in an attempt to provide dinner for all of us), Dave and Sandra's nature walk up Morrone (deer, boxing hares and a fox), to the usual last day epic up Lochnagar. This last walk prompted Nigel to hunt around the bunkbarn on the scrounge for a pair of crampons - being brave enough to wake up the trip organiser (and the 6 other people in the room) at 7.30 in the morning by shouting "CRAMPONS" very loudly.

As for the millennium celebrations themselves, the group split between the usual suspects propping up the bar in the Fife Arms, and the Ceiladh Queens (Su and Penny) dancing the night away in the village hall. As midnight struck, the pub saw a conga, the village hall saw a group hug, gallons of champagne were sprayed everywhere, and Penny made a couple of Policemen happy. The party continued back at the bunkbarn well into the early hours. However, we were a little disappointed that the lights stayed on and the cash machine was still working. Even Tim didn't get an emergency call from Barclays!

As always, the food was excellent. However it was surpassed on the last evening by the (free) meal provided by the warden. The menu was exceptional, roast Bambi, assorted veggies as well as gorgeous starters and desert.

So that was the Millennium trip - or was it? The Gregorian calendar actually started at year 1, so the real Millennium is coming this year. Those who missed out, or fancy a rerun should send deposits to Mashy...

Dave & Sandra

Llanbedr, Mid-Wales

To celebrate his 30th Birthday Mark Wadds organised a trip to Llanbedr along the Welsh coastline between Barmouth and Harlech. The pub was quite full by the time I arrived with many new faces, Mark and Karen's friends and relatives from various parts of the country.

On Saturday a group of keen walkers set off into the mountains where Darren had planned a suicidal trek and Andy risked his TVR on the narrow single track. Meanwhile, the families (there were five children on this trip and a lot of 'Big Kids') headed up to Festiniog and Portmeirion.

The local pub, only a few yards from the hostel door, proved popular again that night with an impromptu party back at the hostel kitchen after last orders.

Hangovers were plentiful the next morning but were soon overcome by a breezy walk along the beach and a full English breakfast. The neon lit amusements of Barmouth proved too much for Mark S though, where we discovered his addiction to slot machines!


Congratulations to Pete and Katherine on the birth of their daughter Lindsay Rebecca who was born on 4th January 2000 and weighed 7lb 10oz. Also congratulations to Cat and Martin, who recently announced their engagement. Seeking Accommodation in the French Alps?

Many of you will remember Pierre and Catherine van Vaerenbergh, two Belgian members of SUHC from a few years back. They are now living just outside Grenoble in the heart of the French Alps where they have built a superb house to their own design.

The ground floor is now a 'Gite deFrance' accommodating 4 people which conforms to very high standards as laid down by the French Tourist Board. The village of Lans-en-Vercors is situated 15 miles south-west of Grenoble amidst high level Alpine pastures.

It forms an excellent base for exploring the rugged limestone mountains of the Vercors National Park to the south with much less demanding scenery immediately on the doorstep. The snow covered peaks and glaciers of the Ecrins National Park lying to the east of Grenoble can also be reached by car. All types of winter sports can be tried in the immediate area which does not suffer from the usual exploitation/commercialisation problems encountered at the far more crowded and fashionable winter sports centres.

A warm and friendly welcome is guaranteed by Pierre and Catherine who dispell the theory that Belgians do not have a sense of humour! So if anybody fancies spending a week or two walking or skiing at very reasonable rates then please do not hesitate in phoning them. Catherine and Pierre van Vaerenbergh,305, ch de Pierrefeu, Le Mas,38250 Lans en Vercors, Grenoble, Isere, FRANCE Telephone: (33) 4 76 94 32 47e-mail: vanvaer@esrf.fr

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