2001 Itinerary including Socials

Scotland 2000/01 Organised by Mike Ashton, Blackwater, Kinlochleven

The next Scotland New Year trip is now booked, we have got 20 beds with the option of going up another 7 or so) to Kinlochleven. Details on the place are below, but Yvonne has been there this weekend and says it is very nice, clean, spacious and all the rooms are en-suite with TV.

It is a short trip this year, because of how the dates fall. We arrive on Wed 27th December, and leave on Tuesday 2nd January, so we shouldn't have to take off too much holiday.

The cost is 10.00 per night, which looks pretty good to me.

The walking should be great, it's near the Mamores and Glencoe, and they do bike hire, which could be an interesting alternative.

If you want to go, can you let me have names, please. I'll also be needing a deposit of 10 ppn around September time.

Here's to another succesful new year trip!





June 22nd-24th

This trip is going ahead Contact Gus ASAP about going

Lake district trip, Blame it on Alfred

27th - 29th July 2001, Barclays Hut, Langdale

Wainwright wrote Seven Pictorial Guides to the Lake District and one for the Outlying Fells describing routes up all the peaks and other notable fells - a grand total of 316 summits, commonly known as 'Wainwrights'.

Although many people collect these summits relatively few people have been known to achieve all of them. Darren's parents, in a Blitzgrieg effort, were the first recorded couple at 69 and 70 respectively to achieve the 214 listed fells of the Seven Guides (the total of finishers was 181 by 31.12.99). Surprisingly low figures of only 25 have completed the grand total of 316 fells.

Gustav is one short of the grand total - Tarn Crag (1801ft), a small fell overlooking Grasmere. Tim has kindly booked the Barclay's Bank Hut in Langdale for 27th-29th July for a large contingent of SHOT members to help him bag it. Also in the party will be Dobrzynski Junior - his 8-year-old nephew David who will be getting his first Wainwright.

Let us hope that Foot and Mouth restrictions in the Lake District will not prohibit them in their attempt. See Gus for more details.

Peak District Trip

Walker Barn, Peak District, 12th -14th October

Yvonne and Anna J have birthdays on consecutive days for this trip when we stay at The Setter Dog pub near Macclesfield on the western edge of the Peak District. Depending on how controlled their celebrations will be will dictate the walking exploits of some people during daylight hours. Close nearby is Tegg's Nose Country Park and Macclesfield Forest. Shining Tor, the Goyt Valley and Shutlingsloe 'the Matterhorn of the Peak District' are also very easily accessible and enjoyable targets. Just slightly further afield are the millstone grit outcrops of the Roaches and the limestone landscape around the Upper Dove Valley. A sprinkling of excellent country pubs will also be an attractive bonus for the Birthday Babes in an area that has plenty of variety.

We are the first group booking for new accommodation at The Setter Dog (phone number 01625 613700), Walker Barn, which is situated 4 miles east of Macclesfield on the A537 to Buxton. Access Multimap.com on the internet for an exact location. They have three group-shared rooms above the pub (1 x 10, with a woodburning stove, 1 x 6 and 1 x 4) a total of 20, which may be increased if they are given sufficient notice. There are no self catering facilities, so we shall have to eat in the pub - what a shame. They also appear to be quite flexible on times for breakfast, which should be a blessing for the Birthday Babes. Approx. costs for bunk and breakfast is 12.50. Bring a sleeping bag. Some folk may decide to stay with Cara in Macclesfield and join the main group for walking and/or the evening if they wish.

Contact Gus

Barcelona, Xmas Meal 2001

7th - 10th December

A bit closer to Christmas this year, we are setting off to Sunny Spain and the delights of Barcelona. Barcelona capital of Catalonia, is on the Mediterranean, bordered inland by by the Collserola Hills and sits between two rivers. Once an industrial town, now famed for its amazing mix of architecture, from roman, gothic to modern.

Flights are now booked but we are still sorting the accommodation so If You want to Come let Mark or Tim know ASAP

Scotland 2001 - Tobermory YH, Mull

27th December 2001 - 5th January 2002

After a reasonably enthusiastic response. Tobermory YH is provisionally booked from 27th Dec until the morning of Sat 5th.

After a reasonably enthusiastic response. Tobermory YH is provisionally booked from 27th Dec until the morning of Sat 5th.

A long trip. Since you only have to take 3 days off to get the w/e in it's worth going for (well maybe?).

If too many people want to leave early I'll have to negotiate with the warden, or else we could move to the mainland for 3 days.

The hostel itself has 42 beds, we'll have it to ourselves and there are 8 rooms so we should be able to isolate families and couples who want to pay premium rates. I'm very willing to take refundable deposits of around 20 from anyone who thinks they're more than likely to attend. (Hopefully F&M will be over by then)

Be warned, to the best of my knowledge (based on last years timetable), you wont be able to leave the Island on the 31st or the 1st (fair enough).




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